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I genuinely hope you meant this comment sarcastically, because if you legit think healthy lifestyle has no effect on poop, don't.

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Thank you Dr Purr Very cool

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69 was meme way before that

edit: actually sorry, i realised the memes were czechoslovakian only since he spent some time there making music

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It is like that in most of Europe. 14 is okay, puberty is hitting and teens gon make love anyways. if sex would be 18+ they wouldn't have access to birth control. So at the end of the day its better like that.

Just like making weed illegal doesnt make people smoke it, making sex at teen years illegal is not gonna make anybody stop having it.

edit: forgot to mention one necessary thing - sex being legal at younger age helped (at least in my country) it not being a taboo. Teens are getting informed about stds and birth control methods (and their disadvantages and negative effects) and that is way better than being scared by sex-after-marriage propaganda and not being informed.

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but we take showers before!

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the paper is saving it perfectly!

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alright u got me hooked

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because the cctv is shitty and no police department is gonna chase jacket thiefs

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yeah slovan vodka glasses are okay but this is a wine glass aaaaa