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Watch some crash test videos, those regions don't crumple.

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>If Christmas was a Muslim tradition

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The actress isn't the one who did it, it's the retard executives.

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Apparently some mother of 2 children jn Texas got a pregnancy that was 100% guaranteed to fail, and also burst her uterus. The lower district court granted her an exception to their abortion rule based on the medically necessary clause that they have on their law, because it was guaranteed that the fetus would die, and if her uterus burst she would almost certainly die unless she was on the operating table when it happened, and they cannot predict when this would occur to make sure she was in the hospital when it happened. However, before her abortion could take place, the Texas Supreme Court actually reversed that decision, banning the abortion from taking place, and now this mother is basically waiting with a time bomb not knowing when she'll die and leave her kids orphaned.

Yes, maybe most of the time they're not necessary, but in a country with 300+ million people, these outlier cases do occur, and we do need those "medically necessary" clauses in the anti-abortion laws to actually be followed and respected, regardless of what the memes tell us we should believe.

TL;DR: Sometimes, rare shit does happen

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Post nut clarity

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Were the colonial leaders spending much effort teaching or hiring their african subjects into professions like railroad engineer, or were they just picking from a pool of other colonials who lived there? If they had the opportunities to learn and take it into their own hands, I agree that there's little excuse to lose all that infrastructure.

But if, until the moment of their independence, there weren't many of them in those industries, how can you expect them to immediately be able to maintain those systems as soon as the colonials left?

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Humans tear down their forests to make suburbs. They instantly kill them if they remotely display any sign of danger, including if they even get the taste for human food when clueless novice campers leave food accessible to them. Their waters are polluted and their fish are being farmed and caught. People sometimes kill them when they hibernate.

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She's probably feeling conflicted, has nobody irl to talk to about it, so went to the internet to get some other people's opinions.

Also, 18F 29M is pretty iffy, in my book. Guy just picked a witless teenager to terraform to his specifications.