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cedric85 points
They may defeat terrorism, but they're powerless against pirates!

cedric83 points
Never forgetti

jakallov380 points
self cock block

McAwesome70 points
it's been 13 fucking years...

Jopwnd64 points
You said eyebrows?

old, and I think it's a repost

AnzeG42 points
the title

Intaminator41 points
Its like the unholy child of a chicken and Steve Buscemi.

canttouchthis37 points
The machine in the back is quite interesting too...

Takumi36 points
repost rampage, seriously?

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Dugloom1 point

NotLuke1 point
The eyes tho

even OC?

kal361 point

DizzNizz1 point
You're right, thank you.

Joe_Kehr1 point
*English. Capital E.

earias5041 point
Hiddenlol........ you're welcome

Advendie2 points
repost, the one that was posted here had just tha last or two panels, but still ...

baverage1 point
i thought so too, but no, just some dude panicking about pornhub not being avail...

Man, I love these legit conversations. Thankfully they're legit. They would suck...