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Today's best comments
That is clearly a fucking bus you idiot!

Malte29 points
They improved the cockpit doors...

Seerk20 points
Actually, if you think about it, asking for the captain here is a joke on its ow...

dbdanny16 points
How am I supposed to check if you didn't provide a link? ~0/10

somer16 points
When it's too obvious that the jokes are scripted, it just feels... eh.

LordDeathsama15 points
look like balls to me

nonotmepls15 points
well , for a starter, the black man is not in the back

Chernobyl12 points
Would you please check mine, I don't know the link: 1546 2455 1783 3689 - 6/15

TheStranger13 points
really now? this one is so fucking old and probably a repost that's what you pas...

MandraM10 points
jesus it actually works! awesome!

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pokematic43 points
Damnit Wiings

Coffin_maker44 points
no parents

kekula47 points
shots fired

AncientArcher53 points
Yeah, I doesn't afraid of anything either

zenox90 points