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AssWizard14 points
how bout you take this post back to 9f4g

NeoEx011 points

DizzNizz8 points

ShadoWalkeR9 points
>I noticed something was wrong when he started quacking and became yellow &g...

Monohead8 points
It's Brandi Love, I think

Tara_7 points
There is no fun

daud_ici6 points
No, you don't get it! It will tell you how soft a specific bunny is, no matter w...

ShadoWalkeR6 points
"I'll have you know, that, I'm f*cking patients too."

cbadef4 points
1) No one is making him a hero a. He is mainly fighting the rebels anyway ...

mgvb204 points
Well, the Lebanese flag has a cedar on it

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dingsbums21 points

phuk_yu31 points
Special horses???

WasteofBreath30 points
looks at title applauds*

Bob_Bwaa46 points
"Thanks, I already have it."

zGuy47 points
8 * 0 = 0