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DizzNizz13 points

brunelevsky112 points
Repost, but hey I bet you don't give a flying f*ck

Chikius9 points
That's something that always kinda annoyed me about RPGs. 'Oh, you want some ar...

Seerk9 points
Or it might have something to do with the fact that Nokia is an actual place..

JWARRIOR18 points
repost and same title i think

JackRooster7 points
I can almost see the gif through the pixels

jusfly697 points
expectations < dick butt

JWARRIOR18 points
dr eevee slacking missing these pokemon posts

Herpcules7 points
yeah, I'll rub my dick all over that sandwich too

ShadoWalkeR6 points
>implying you need any form of expertise to be a woman

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hawk500542 points
Why are you guys even trying. The bots are clearly made by the admins in order ...

Lucasuper40 points
No it doesn't.

saske117133 points

MLaop26 points
yea cause what's more fun than to repeat a joke so overused it stopped being fun...

fyvyvyvyv65 points
something like that happened at my university recently. Some stupid gender studi...