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mastikator68 points
Spoiler warning: There's pie in S04E02.

HANSoi252 points
Long live the king

ckkkl46 points
im hereby nominating him for the darwin award

keppa3045 points
I'd say raid it, but that would just increase their visitor count tenfold.

LordVonDerp39 points
Eating rice with fork? Hand in your asian card!

KyYyR38 points
Anyone else noticed how he makes a fist with his metal hand? Pie is magic.

VIadimirPutin38 points
9/11 would buy

amri9437 points
4 girls, 1 tub

Bob_Bwaa36 points

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darkyller1 point
cats are fucking metal one cares....

Gorgainite1 point
Is he kill?

dadelmann1 point

scotto8081 point
No orange = heaven

it's hypnotizing

TaylorMLG1 point
Definitely. But, this person obviously did not take a screenshot. This means tha...

anghymarebol fy ass, byddai i guro chi glas i chi dywarchen dwp!

Orgasma1 point
It's West Virginia so he is probably used to climbing in bed with family anyway.

intrepid951 point
that video was the best thing i've ever seen about america