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GandalfTheBlack201 points
Okay so this is the idea. Imgur has a system where an NSFW link can be posted. I...

semir32181 points
But Joey approves

Plebeian74 points

Arxs72 points
remember it like bread & potato.

somer69 points
Actually, the Trojans were the ones who tried to fight the thousands of little g...

MC_Lovin67 points
Now we have Harold, Gandalf and Cage. The old gods and the new.

Bob_Bwaa57 points
"Lots of people are shocked by rape scenes in GOT." "Lots of cun...

OnnaJReverT56 points

Dr_Seitenbach52 points
aand again the only car that didnt flip over was the german one

DizzNizz44 points
This gif perfectly describes why I hate football

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Gangnamon1 point
Burn the Witch !!!!

duelist heart.

duden1 point
who is who?

Hey somone is trying to use my name!

valerian1 point
Where in the world is gas price close to $4 per liter ?!

MonkaCZ1 point
Ancient? Just how old is Hugelol? Go back to your momma, kid

This is appropriate for the Reaction section... You even started your title with...

Mermegil1 point
this tumbler comment is new rest is old

The nuke in Megaton?

duden1 point
Lol, funny comic. A female black boss.