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Today's best comments
Forthesrs41 points
Terrible font makes it difficult to read :|

yeargh11 points

Bufu1210 points
"Where do you live?" "That street." "Where?" &q...

taine_elson9 points
Bad font choice but excellent content

GodOfMems9 points

saladhead6 points
Captain? (english isn't my first language)

thehellenic6 points
Why he Has to write his Story like this?

ha, america belongs to us now

luismriddle5 points
meanwhile in the bing headquarters

colmk5 points
Not even close

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Tomasdav33 points
Is that some cheap parody for poland balls?

tunga29 points
but where is the fun?

hellonewman46 points
That's a Volkswagen, isn't it?

kidneystealer21 points
Sir David Attenborough is a legend

LijpoChris24 points
Thats a great 1st post you got there, my hugelol veteran brother