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viniito37 points
He probably can't read anyway so why does it matter?

DizzNizz27 points
"from all libraries in america."

entauri27 points
In theaters this summer: Wisconsin man VS. Florida man

That guy sitting is secluded. He's planning on shoting the school shooters.

Jaap01574723 points
Nice Tinker Bellt

jacksepticeye19 points
Yea at first I thought that was Link and Shadow-Link. Close enough


diegosv14418 points
He dindu nuffin

DizzNizz17 points
Idea for title: *Watch* your mouth. hehe. no? ok.

namzio10 points
and then she gave up that vegan bullshit

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viniito37 points
He probably can't read anyway so why does it matter?

TheMegaNeger62 points
i think at some point boobs get too big and less attractive.

Obudo106 points
Don't be silly, feminists cant change anything

JohnDough34 points
If you remove the post entirely you'll get more funny

Bricksindo91 points
that's what shi said.