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The jealousy is strong

morbot17 points
"grows brain cells"

myr0x10 points
a guy from my class has been in a clinic for being addicted to pot there goes t...

Jrnger9 points
Oh non you didn't

Is marijuana addictive? Yes. Over time, overstimulation of the endocannabinoi...

lolwutwoot9 points

valerian9 points

fostartaly8 points
This reminds me

procrasti868 points

alchol and canabis are addictive for some people...

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coZma41 points

It's called football you uncultured swine

I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of...

real bro

TehDarkrai59 points
I find joy in disliking them