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jamescnj114 points

entauri11 points
>not having a mod for finding a faulty mod

Takumi10 points
What was he supposed to do?

Natio210 points
It's about sending a message.

ze_WtK8 points
The Black one

semir3218 points
oh the irony

DizzNizz8 points
So I fapped at 2 feet in a tub? Worth it.

Paincake7 points
Adblock → done.

they are probably smuggling illegal pepes

lancastermk56 points
i aint the sharpest tool in the shed

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jamescnj114 points

flyingcake38 points I'm using this ***ty phone unfrienl...

Niracuar39 points
"I go to 4chan i'm so edgy and cool"

omgroflrofl29 points
Boy you are wrong. Courts only grant custody to the father if the mother is prov...

erede00725 points
Intense plane dogfight