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joxxieaah47 points
I'm famous :3

Undeadsanta2143 points
What would life be without Irony.

Ergo_Bibamus37 points
That twist at the end. OP is the good kind of fag.

tionblaze37 points
Well, he's cold now that's for sure

joxxieaah38 points
why is the 7th stripe different?

pinuzzo34 points
Funding for Michael Brown memorial has reached $ 113,016 , Support Officer Darre...

tionblaze33 points
This is revolutionary. Well done OP.

burningowl32 points
>4chan >being thanked

Mr_upvoter31 points
She has transformed into a fucking clown

Gaben8731 points
Black Maleficent

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deves106 points
haha nice try but everybody knows switzerland isnt in europe

procrasti86102 points
Calm your tits, guys, I don't think you know what a security question is. You ha...

Horakoeri7 points
There is. But you sould've installed it before fucking over your phone...

Battleman76 points

procrasti86241 points
Reading her name I think the "t" is silent