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TripleAC99 points
Ok this is just awesome. That incredibly confused look on her face is so worth i...

McZuko76 points
Hey dude, umm, nice post but I can't seem to find the funny in it and your title...

shadowdude70 points
befor i read the text i that it was bieber

mangochatney64 points
I'm not sure what to do. Dislike it for the post or like it for the title ?

zebigboo59 points
how can global warming be real if al gore isn't real ?

b0gster55 points
Except Greece is gorgeous and Detroit is a junkyard

She's a lot manlier, though

VladimirPutin50 points
Im not saying 9gag, but 9gag

skylineGTR47 points

ClintEastwood47 points

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Is there another way to hold a bowling ball?

elguiiz1 point
i love thomas from daft punk in the background

Chunk1 point
sorry man, it's a repost.

br90dgr1 point
fair enough

Is there another way to hold a bowling ball?

liverthief2 points
Theres a war going on?

MrLB1 point
Therapist mainly

This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a f...

WoahWoah1 point
good question (Y)

kaantech1 point
I was about to put gandalf gif but sadly that gif is on my other computer. This ...