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BitterBow11 points
That's not chubby, that's plain fat.

free_hug6 points

zaca1226 points
RIP in pepperonis hugelol

immapotato6 points
That's not accurate, pugs originated trough evolution just like wolves, and not ...

jfjfdu3876 points
yes, very far, so far it goes o infinity and beyond

zGuy5 points
And then the cicles began demanding circle houses,circle laws,and circle foods.

Im f*cking loving it

smahahahile3 points
that circle dindu nuffin

I never got why English speaking dogs say 'bark' all the time. They can't commun...

3NCrypt3D3 points
Seems extremely fake

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Dugloom12 points
he dindu nuthin

Yvain58 points
Gee OP ! Two watermarks ?

Hippieguy114 points
Come on guys, assuming that he abandoned his kid just because he is black is rac...

dingsbums31 points

phuk_yu35 points
Special horses???