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luke26679 points
strange that you always had sex on the 7th day of a month, also I don't know the...

luke26646 points
10 years old, already looks like a feminist

Orgasma40 points

Hazebuster29 points
there must be more to life...

alexjk27 points

nick_offerman26 points

StonerStanley25 points
you're a terrorist harry...

JuliiD24 points
Man i'd wish i had Andy's father :(

Mr_Bramboy22 points
That's some pretty nice photoshop tbh

Shawnart22 points
suure, I'm away from HL for a few days and Seitenbach's gold. outrageous. wha...

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thor1231 point

That was some sarcastic shit I posted about hugelol being the next 9gag with the...

MrMerkel1 point
Ctrl for Crouch, Z for Prone

thor1231 point
thanks man, and here you go:

Orgasma1 point

soleares1 point
If u look close u can see that the name quertrosso got 2 points above and 3 poin...

smallshade1 point
why am i even writing with someone who has -378 karma.. please learn to read. yo...

Id grind her...

Nairsil1 point
i feel divided

Orgasma0 points
Says the person that posted this