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Mr_upvoter24 points
**** watermarks makes me Transform into Mr_Downvoter

FilmForce21 points
God shave her indeed!

Tokogawa117 points

DerpyBrony15 points
As a fellow european i feel the same

exotobias112 points
The Walking Dead 1x06: TS-19

Hawkoz43312 points
I feel like this would make the wielder susceptible to cutting his hand off.

Corner13610 points
Am I the only one that actually wants to see what crappy product they made to so...

Ants_10 points
"Vaccines cause autism"

Rodario9 points
Yes, repost.

Nice one OP...

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Mr_upvoter24 points
**** watermarks makes me Transform into Mr_Downvoter

SandWitch72 points
Do what you must, I have already won.


Mecrio44 points
Are you seriously trying to bring Emma Watson into HL without her being naked? b...

DarkArchon64 points
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