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Wullf12 points
i have not yet made up my mind whether it is supposed to be porn or not.

jonny0goddard10 points
You need education in sarcasm you dumb fuck

reggaeist9 points
fockin wotamak mate. No 9 gaggin.

lol did he go to the promethius school of running away from things?

looks like it's actually written on a piece of paper...

Sekaso7 points
404 no funny found

BigFatGuy26 points
that's a joke from a parody account, you dingus. sometimes, theres a reason why ...

Surstromming6 points

garret8666 points
lol he probably went to the prometheus school of running away from things.

Surstromming6 points
MFW 5 million dollars.

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PisterBoboto25 points
Awesome OC Dude! You know all that hugelol users want is to see following posts ...

fostartaly92 points
>cybersquatting Also

Checkman4463 points
Ayyy lmao

Flooptidoo67 points
"We need more women in the sciences" "What's your major?" ...

NineSun53 points
Long as hell, but worth reading. I lost is multiple times.