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Today's best comments
jakehauge12 points
Haha, the f*cking white dot confused the f*cker

phuk_yu11 points
Special horses???

Let it blow, let it blow!

foxiver9 points
oldest joke on the internet

PandaFu7 points
Photoshop would tend to disagree.

Bob_Bwaa7 points
"Yeah ! A dildo !"

kingreturns6 points
Bomb the *** out of Erdogan and save us from him, Lord Putin.

kingreturns6 points
What a wonderful world! Before you destroy Turkey, please take us non-AKP voters...

Hawkoz4335 points

drebinnr8935 points
Turkish armed horses...

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WasteofBreath24 points
looks at title applauds*

Bob_Bwaa39 points
"Thanks, I already have it."

zGuy46 points
8 * 0 = 0

stux25 points
And where are the filthy Mac Zealots? The fanatic slaves of their mindless faith...

deathmind12 points
Amy Schumer.