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Jeffaffah26 points
Ok ok, I admit. Despite this shitty hype on the colour of a dress, this one is w...

Peecha chaaka no wookie boonowa tweepi cheeto ? Ho ho ho ho hoooo.

Jarhead13 points
let's sell them... oops

pwnasaurusrex14 points

hellonewman12 points
Nan, she could lift him.

mhorea112 points

JohnDough11 points
mfw they add that laughing audience every time Sheldon talks

Davereux12 points

hurdurhur11 points
thats one ugly fuck

DrStein1710 points
AS much as I hate this dress, this made me laugh, good job OP

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Gh0sti19 points
Why would his father be disappointed? That's fucking awesome.


semir32143 points
prevents consoles from overheating due to anti aliasing Kappa

deves43 points
if they want to do that let them ill gladly high five them for doing what they t...

TheUndying46 points
This is so true