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Today's best comments
waijai26 points
though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil!

Stubbinski19 points
it's all some kind of fetish porn. too easy

Aigis16 points
I honestly find this sad as f*ck..

Sinep9412 points
If the bottom wouldn't have opened up, the car would've run the red traffic ligh...

Professor_Oak12 points
the Indian guy is just having a balanced meal

RedxKing11 points
I know that breed that my friends its a cat-snake

JuliiD10 points
Repost though

vlatzblaze9 points
And this is a repost

Jokked9 points
that was cruel as f*ck : /

Gongolongo8 points
Did it, before it was cool. Still being friendzoned.

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Latest Gold Winners: Comments
Ahriman63 points
I think it's not electromagnetism but gravitational force.

The ones that wear hats and the ones that don't.

marx3435 points
You just dont f*ck with peoples feelings like that dude

Catalono70 points
The question remains: which one do i f*ck?

LSF_Overdrive52 points
First I laughed, then I realised it would really happened nowadays...