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ASkyrimBandit67 points
Like Skyrim in 2D, 10/10 -IGN

exotobias158 points

Lepsyp54 points
where is the funny

fluffypains51 points
that's too many in a too short time, settle down, they are too predictable if th...

Kakkanat46 points

LandonRickets41 points
mfw when i'm german but have no driving licence

2TAKTER40 points
drew a penis-shaped ray on a robot. robot raped me to death - 10/10

JuliiD37 points
1 like and not in rising wtf hugelol

Viktarios34 points

tionblaze33 points
Shot pee at a house and it died 9/10

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gmb111 point

Cookiess1 point
I said: ''They solved three problems though''. Sad that I got deleted for racism...

iambread1 point
i'm not racist.

you shouldn´t drive with just 250km/h on the left lane, you have to drive faste...

I see what you did there.

makes sense, that's why magic in general isn't prohibited, right? man those chri...

cjawtry1 point
I dont get it?

Poor guy. My download speed is 200Mbit/s(200 / 8 25MB/s) :P

beuhina221 point
and a good public education ....

Smessies1 point
Smosh fucking sucks