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kekula30 points
shots fired

skeletor26 points
Hey OP Are you funny yet?

somer20 points
Haha, you rekt that landwhale good, hilarious, 10/10, pls have my children.

Cathulhu19 points
One Direction, ISIS, the same thing. Both headed into Oblivion.

while I agree with the message, the expression "windows computer" make...

FookU16 points
Absolutely 100% correct, but as Hungry man pointed out not funny.

jess314 points

HungryMan13 points
no funny detected. please try again

joeyfindeis9 points
so he taught his son not to play with sticks? well that's dumb sticks are awesom...

cbadef9 points
The number of times this has been posted on this site exceeds number of all my t...

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AncientArcher51 points
Yeah, I doesn't afraid of anything either

zenox84 points

Davidisgay37 points
When we reach a point where 2/3 posts on the Fresh are submitted by bots, I beli...

cbadef65 points
I am a disgrace for this site and my family

*slow clap* a twist on an old joke. wp OP