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Narim91 points
Still better than Apple maps I suppose

TheDerpinator78 points
downvoted for retarded title

too soon man, too soon

ezio_ponitore73 points
obviously black magic

Chunk51 points
OP deserves them.




Nightmare80043 points

dbdanny40 points
she's so large that it's statistically more probable that you are somewhere insi...

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erikotiko1 point
Batterdipped the cranny axe in the gut locker

SansaStark1 point
Repost guys ...

bearblock1 point
"And his mother" Never change CoD

P3r1nj01 point
aand... here we go again, see ya in a couple off days

m33p01 point
When we convince a girl to send nudes**

lollilus2 points

P3r1nj01 point
Yes it's my own repost, the last one got downvoted for the same reason this one ...

P3r1nj02 points
i feel dumb for saying this.. but this site needs an autoplay feature, I'm again...

keppa301 point
I study applied physics (which I assume is what you mean with physics engineerin...

No idea, sorry. Here's a dancing pen*s man.