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hellonewman30 points
That's a Volkswagen, isn't it?

DARK18 points
Man, I would f*cking snap her neck. But then again, I usually become alert when...

Chernobyl14 points
Perhaps she is the one convincing the shooters and the escapes like this

MandraM14 points
smooth motherf***er

mighty_gab9 points
Throw her in and force her to give back to you (even if it's broken)

hellonewman8 points
*III people like this, you terrorists

Kehlian7 points
loled at strique and cancelée

BootWootFoo7 points
It's not the same girl its just very generic-looking girls (probably wear leggin...

FaceMcshooty6 points
Life is rough being a liberal.

mo65556 points
the answer is 5 5 2 because there isn't anything between the 1's in different ...

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hellonewman30 points
That's a Volkswagen, isn't it?

kidneystealer18 points
Sir David Attenborough is a legend

LijpoChris22 points
Thats a great 1st post you got there, my hugelol veteran brother

daud_ici35 points
I always thought that blue(/lilac/purple/etc) dyed hair is the female fedora. I'...

viniito35 points
post has been modified in order to address nowadays context. In my book that's n...