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daud_ici19 points
Don't teach men not to get falsely accused, teach women not to false accuse!

RazorGrenade14 points
Is that the same guy that wore the jumper that said nigga on it when he met Obam...

KoolHitler12 points
I've seen this gif too many time and I still feel the f*ckin tension in my belly

lolwutwoot11 points
It's simple, we steal the pepe

notmyusername10 points
You just have to handcraft your pepe.Even if it's ***ty,it's rare.Yes this is my...

whuzzurp11 points
Coming from a Greek living in Germany: We do not hate on you guys. We just get r...

Erasus10 points

Kaden_8 points
Maybe this elevator leads to HDL

cbadef8 points
Since OP is a non-delivering @#$%^:

Schorsch6 points

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luci33252 points
Always be the rapist, that way you can never be falsely accused.

entauri48 points
I don't have a gf and I pirate my games.

I am a profesor and this is very true

ggroni44 points

DizzNizz44 points
Thanks for the title, would've never understood