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Today's best comments

toscomovil19 points
dat ass

Sauron13 points
Join the Dark Side, we have a better healthcare system... and cookies!

andrei_nitu4412 points
The force kept him alive, look up Darth Scion if you wanna see some real surviva...

jmps153211 points
But they are sacrificing one of them to praise him, jealous of what?

4TAKTER10 points
I googled and I found something... then I closed it and never look at it again

Takumi9 points
actually a repost

Is he burning a fucking KFC bucket?

Deid8 points
Why not 4815162342?

Flooptidoo8 points
"Meanwhile, on the fresh page"

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kit1234able30 points
I rate it 9/11

Niracuar49 points
9gag? DansGame

kekula37 points
Oh for fcks sake, that was one good chuckle

Spierdalen34 points
das why piratebay is power and love