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derspiegel164 points
gr8 b8 m8

KinkyKangaroo149 points
mfw I'm waiting for the gandalfes

HarmlessCreep115 points
Twins separated at birth, and then joined, and separated, joined, separated, joi...

AlreadyTaken102 points
Did you just

burningowl67 points
Idiocracy basically America in 10 years

flimflam64 points
heard that skin is only available on the beta server

mastikator60 points
Oh I get it, they're brothers because they're both black!

kane7355 points

Takalisky54 points

MariusUltimus47 points
when he wants to eat or drink, he has to put a lid on every extra hole. when sal...

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cr4nk11 point

daud_ici1 point
Only works if your band does performance art where your performance is being mau...

DeleteMe1 point
Mind if I drop along side you good sir/madam?

Chunk1 point
They were.

Hell yeah, I can pick up sh*t.

yeahnot1 point
Never used one in my life, except as a joke to piss off te driver when I was a k...

loki1231 point

sniper1102 points
this is what all assassins, hit-men, commandos and scouts dream of.

Huller1 point
planetside 2. If i'm not mistaken it's the C point on the ascent base on Amerish...

2TAKTER1 point
DIY Chimera