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Mecrio30 points
Are you seriously trying to bring Emma Watson into HL without her being naked? b...

Congrats soldier! You're officially drafted into the sh*tposter corp! You must ...

Gongolongo16 points
Trolling 4chan is like pissing into a sea made entirely out of piss.

cedric15 points
Hugelol is a movement for virgins that makes no sense, often contradicts itself ...

cedric16 points
U wot?

Hah, never seen this before.

CjRoldo14 points
Was this the kid that intentionally walked around with a gun and pointed it at p...

Intaminator12 points
He even took a bullet for the player. What a nice guy.


JoKing10 points
Obviously faked, the auto-correct had so many opportunities to f*ck you.

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DarkArchon60 points
Jimmy's status: [x] Rustled [ ] Unrustled

Raidenz8541 points

Jokked42 points
that was cruel as f*ck : /

Ahriman78 points
I think it's not electromagnetism but gravitational force.

The ones that wear hats and the ones that don't.