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Intaminator125 points
Thanks for posting. Cheers.

>be me 20 and working for AppleCare Tech Support >Customer calls in and h...

hector378961 points
execep the mongols did conquer russia...

TooMuchWow54 points
I thought the cop would go "pew pew pew, he didn't respect my authoritah&qu...

thor12349 points
neither do you, you never use a fresh joke...

somer49 points ^moar of the same (in case anyone is interested)

rapture49141 points
should of told her to fuck herself with the towel in the boss voice


moulbaert36 points

except the cold cant stop missiles genius

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kineticx1 point
not the meat is from good&cheap, it's the Grillanz├╝nder

hogggA971 point
nope, acute danger would be if the chainsaw was allready in a person's body. if ...

Dennis230 points
If you say so.

Batata1 point
Samsung sucks even more than apple. btw their new screen look awesome, no homo.

I apply as a moderator just to remove reposts and I'm good because I am a calm ...

*culturally a mixture of Wallonia and Flanders, with a lot of international infl...

Dennis23-1 points
You're confusing resolving acute danger with prevention. The latter being the su...

Didn't notice anything, although I agree on the trial period thing. That would g...

RemonFTW1 point
i go on hugelol for laughs, and go on hugelol to see if there are any funny post...

Cathulhu2 points
If they wouldn't lack common sense there wouldn't be such a problem with driving...