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OpIsASpy69 points

CatsMeowCats50 points
Fuck off you twat

Narim37 points
Missing that one inside job with jet fuel and steel beams.

Luxor35 points
>Stones What the duck is this, the Stone Age?

Mikkow28 points
le troll lollollolol.

silentstorm27 points
Le conspiracy post, much fun.lelele

AlexSonny25 points
still has more ports than the new MacBook

PaperSite23 points
Nice post and it has tits as a bonus!

cbadef21 points
This was funny at the time of the debate. You forgot the gif with the nigga fall...

BlackRipper19 points
This is getting retarded...

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OpIsASpy69 points

Seerk44 points
Actually, if you think about it, asking for the captain here is a joke on its ow...

pokematic52 points
Damnit Wiings

Coffin_maker54 points
no parents

kekula49 points
shots fired