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And where is the downside?

Funny_name64 points
When will canadian vandalism stop?

Rabenaas54 points
Dat Title.


tionblaze45 points
Doesn't matter had sex

OstCrusher36 points
Real historical fact, here in italy is very famous...

Tokogawa134 points

hawk500532 points

RedSnappah30 points

A midget can scratch your balls with her feets while being anal penetrated, thin...

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airoes96110 points
if he didn't like to be treated that way,he shouldn't have dressed like that....

RedSnappah57 points

Trainer_Red12 points
I mean not all of us have fancy video editing software or a toaster advanced eno...

Hammet79 points
I know that whale killing is illegal but im sure we can make an exception

11thdoctor191 points
He's not just fucking right, I think he's also fucking men...