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Gongolongo58 points
So many guys want to fuck my mother, because I am a guy gamer. AMA.

PizzaSaurus48 points
this is probably fake ...

maplememe45 points
HAHAHAHAHAHA There is no hope left for humanity.

Nostua32 points
So fakin alpha , i want to bj you too.

zolk30 points
What is this so called "independent Scotland" you were talking about?

tensaz26 points
damn putin! keep out of other people's elections

hondzik22 points
umm. isnt this like 2nd time this happened?

DizzNizz24 points
*hits blunt* how can mirrors be real if our eyes arent real

amri9418 points
That shark deserved it, who knows how many human limbs he cut off to make a spec...

Huller17 points
is he kill?

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mfw you post a link to a rection gif

kidneystealer65 points
This is the general form of a fourier series. You can't solve this because there...

TerraN68 points
Yep, confirmed. 9gag = Hugelol.

Mogollongoh75 points
fuck your title, man

nonokraan11 points