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Miritar8516 points
Idiocracy reference for anyone that is confused

irrelevant warning if you want to cum on that figure

Takumi10 points

Domerack9 points
Is that the Janitor?

-Mrw played with inbred russians.

mclouie22129 points
"Do you even know what electrolytes are?" ... "They're w...

kedi7 points
Actually that's not Turkey's president. He is commander of Turkish battle of ind...

Shibby19935 points

Schorsch5 points

That ninja role tho

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saske117130 points

MLaop25 points
yea cause what's more fun than to repeat a joke so overused it stopped being fun...

fyvyvyvyv63 points
something like that happened at my university recently. Some stupid gender studi...

hellonewman41 points

Cathulhu86 points
1. Forbid bots. 2. Do not allow posts with watermarks. That should reduce the *...