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>be me 20 and working for AppleCare Tech Support >Customer calls in and h...

hector378961 points
execep the mongols did conquer russia...

TooMuchWow54 points
I thought the cop would go "pew pew pew, he didn't respect my authoritah&qu...

thor12350 points
neither do you, you never use a fresh joke...

rapture49141 points
should of told her to fuck herself with the towel in the boss voice


except the cold cant stop missiles genius

Science is beautiful.

SoStar30 points

TakaVX29 points
Giving up after first blood.

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Their always has two bee that one purse on who has nothing better too dew that c...

maghat181 point
Thanks :D

cedric1 point

TheErtWert1 point
(baby) face sitting porn is best porn !

Mudragal1 point

ivarinn1 point
MFW reading that title.

ivarinn1 point
MFW reading that title.

nuclear winter is for russia a nice summer morning

charred1 point
Hey, ammonia and bleach is a great face cleanser, i use it once a week and my fa...

hogggA970 points
not knowing the difference between "then" and "than" causes ...