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LeDore_21 points
That's true with skyrim modding actually. There are some slavery and rape mods. ...

stonertramp21 points
missing comma

bladespinner21 points
Your penis inspection days are really weird , on ours WE had to inspect the teac...

WhyBannDreX18 points
is this seriusly a photo?

Kaden_16 points
As a French watching American or British TV show : "Oh look, a good TV sho...

KimJongSkill16 points
Did you put a piece of paper infront of the screen and traced it down with some ...

Aces199517 points
But if people think 50% black people were involved, how will CNN promote a race ...

mrawesome00714 points
Fighter:I'll try to use diplomacy to persuade this king to let me attack a villa...

goll41213 points
I'd take 3-4 quality episodes over 20 poorly done ones any day.

HarmlessCreep12 points
Somewhat related. When I was a kid I peed myself in kindergarten and teacher mad...

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daviiid39 points

kit1234able32 points
getting real tired of your shit PETA

Gongolongo35 points
This is the specialized Oculus Rift

Link7768 points
life only goes foward

Jkill3r23 points
we won