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exotobias179 points

LandonRickets58 points
mfw when i'm german but have no driving licence

Lucasuper54 points
Not even Ragnaros can handle this burn.

Kakkanat51 points

YodaAmI42 points

Tokogawa132 points

cedric32 points
They may defeat terrorism, but they're powerless against pirates!

Jopwnd32 points
Shouldn't the white girl be the one eating nutella? While drinking starbucks fro...

MRKO8931 points
That is a really long screen

keppa3029 points
Eye witnesses say the waitress' panties fell to the ground immediately

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Matijakos1 point

Probability of gf still 0%

WhyWhyWhyWhy2 points
Come to Europe, my friend. That problem doesn't exist here.

daud_ici2 points
Those cows are pretty badass if they all stood up immediately apparently unharme...

then write them (in MLA or APA format just to be sure), post them here and then ...

daud_ici1 point
I really don't understand what I said, that is so retarded. I just remarked on h...

Voyeur blocked

"Down under? More like 6 feet down under!" Engineer

rostorare1 point
but that's still not funny, its more like a surprise. And only suprise buttsex ...

You just went full retard.