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Narim85 points
Still better than Apple maps I suppose

TheDerpinator71 points
downvoted for retarded title

ezio_ponitore69 points
obviously black magic

too soon man, too soon

InCell59 points

Chunk45 points
OP deserves them.




Nightmare80039 points

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I'm a bit butt hurt. When I was touring in a state I didn't know, I used apple m...

zanck1 point
Shes just an illusion made by gwyndolin

Let's use some Firework

KadenZzero1 point
f*ck you WSEC

Here's how I remember it: Regular: something C stick: kids plating Z bumper: ...

the real question is... is he catcher or pitcher? i kinda wanna know how this bl...

N*gger still stole his bike

ivanprz1 point
Ya tu sabeh!

That's why I have thrush issues…

Omen1 point
Pretty sure that's called losing a bet...