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Clwens23 points
Only 70s kids remember

Dr_Doom17 points
execution with my pen*s ...

riky99hc15 points
rape me with my pen*s

Narim15 points
Masturbating is a major decision itself, so I got stuck in an infinite loop than...

Cookiess14 points
Teacher gave me a F because I started mastrubating during a test. Thanks OP.

mhorea114 points
i like the leo one, it's so me

HUGELOL13 points
Whenever you see a comment like this (indicated by the "44 years ago")...

qwasdfs2215 points
now imagine a male running into a volleyballfield to touch the womens butt

ozirobi9 points
only oldfags will remember.

i thought it would turn out to be a story where he drew a gun on a bathroom door

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TripleAC34 points
Thats cause you have been jerking your boyfriend too much dutchboy.

Lblejman110 points

spygaget1079 points
windows 9/11

PatatoValdez59 points

MrLB67 points