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CaiNe76 points
maybe they wanted to move the building to bel-air, since it got flipped, turned ...

duden71 points
If it was a man that did that he would be in prison for attempted rape, especial...

Mermegil72 points
I present you OP of Karma whoring

It's a dildo!

Guesswhosback57 points
old as fuck

Atlas51 points
Hurting people to save their lives? What's more to want?

DeleteMe50 points

LordVonDerp49 points

BreakX5051 points
Your first boner? This is like number one million for me.

Scarbs46 points

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Op3r8r1 point

s4robins1 point

easiest boss? pinwheel wants a word^^


yandron911 point
original and funny *thumbs up*

This was the best show on nick.

Nidhoegg1 point
"We can't do many jobs that require long physical work , we can't by nature...

kaantech1 point
Hey OP

AuteK1 point
dude you forgot the second rule

kaantech0 points
At first I though it was a frog