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Intaminator87 points
This makes me happy.

2TAKTER86 points
nice one

11thdoctor46 points

Coolstorybro41 points

Riderluk41 points
"I am watching something I don't care about. I watched it all, but I don't ...

qazxcdew40 points

daud_ici37 points
went for ctrl+w to close this disgusting mess accidentally knock down mouse ge...

Undeadsanta2136 points
Oberyns parenting style.

11thdoctor35 points
I see what you did there...

igaumxxx33 points

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hurdurhur2 points

SubtleSimon3 points
ugly and stupid. hate everything about her. wouldn't touch with ten foot pole.

"You 'avin' a fuckin' giggle, mate?!"

danteveil1 point
Why? I'm from Austria and i don't know it.

GrimReaper1 point
riding a great white is not that lethal

GrimReaper1 point
he always is

JoKing2 points

Alexia_G1 point
Sauce: Robot Chicken

''stop wasting 30 million dollars airplanes, noob''

NotLuke1 point
Are those casings or unfired rounds?