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Today's best comments
TeamGorg11 points
its funny because spiders live in webs.

sotie11 points
So she believes that the "round thing" at night is moon and at day is ...

Haor7 points
i'm curious of how long he took to dig that hole

Tokogawa18 points
MRW i also remember the first post on HUGELOL

edvardf6 points
Charge your phone, the suspense is killing me.

Pinkman965 points

is there a god?

jiongray5 points
Taken straight from DBZ Abridged by TeamFourStar

JuliiD4 points
If i is best doing grams i'll get them.

cbadef4 points
inb4 dundu nuffins

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erede00723 points
Intense plane dogfight

4TAKTER35 points

PEPE_MASTER39 points

theison29 points
rare zealand

semir32155 points