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Today's best comments
drfurry29 points
They intentionally made her unflappable. This is how you kill the furries

9.gag army training

sondre666gs14 points

Chernobyl15 points
I would describe this as 'the effect of alcohol'.

caparezza99914 points
Is it just me or Hugelol became Hugerepost? I saw this 2 times already a year ag...

Gaben8716 points
She is a woman, move along...

Desperato12 points
''unintentionally racist''

YodaAmI12 points
old but gold

Ineedtostudy12 points
reposted hundreds of times

RossKemp12 points
In case it shares itself

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mastikator30 points
Don't see the problem to be honest.

wolfus34 points
I mean the scary doll, not the girl.

Tokogawa167 points

qwasdfs2278 points
now imagine a male running into a volleyballfield to touch the womens butt

TripleAC60 points
Thats cause you have been jerking your boyfriend too much dutchboy.