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Raidenz8527 points

cedric19 points
No, he's not. He's not even your friend. You copied title and image directly fro...

charlie97417 points
Dafuq is this 9gag shit?

Jinja17 points
Incoming air strike on your location. Warning: Danger close.

leftforbread16 points
my cat is a sociopath that gets agro with everyone but me so assholes like this ...

trena15 points
This post is as gay as OP

Cool story bro. Diphenhydramine doesn't make you psychotic or hallucinate. It us...

Rahuore13 points
looks like blondie is going to eat his ear.

darkyller12 points
that's ... that's a win

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Niracuar81 points
Instructions not clear enough. Got my joke stuck in 2010

Mig_L32 points
There Is No Homework.