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Remember kids down the road, not across the street

CaiNe16 points
"The Squirt and the Whale" is the nineteenth episode of Season 21. ...

yeargh15 points

derptheatre15 points
Sideways for attention, long way for results.

HammerHeart14 points
*please be a porno, please be a porno*

Viverea14 points
When he's not the father.

Drachul13 points
You know what is also pretty funny? I analyzed an old German (Nazi Germany) prop...

Finiarel13 points
why batman's baby's a nigga?

Takumi12 points
Captain: It's a repost... If you're askin' about the joke, then you're not very ...

wop_wop11 points
instead you sould be going back to neinfag with your memes and 'hilarious' posts

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Coffin_maker36 points
no parents

kekula44 points
shots fired

AncientArcher52 points
Yeah, I doesn't afraid of anything either

zenox85 points

Davidisgay38 points
When we reach a point where 2/3 posts on the Fresh are submitted by bots, I beli...