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Today's best comments
Mr_upvoter27 points
its all fun and games until someone gets kill

That title

silverion21 points
Fast zombies are the worst

mangochatney16 points
samsung ceo announces he is gay. apple ceo announces he is iGay, and sues sams...

jaysonbaril14 points
Repost or not, please delete it

mastikator14 points

Krasko66613 points
i would very like to do this instead of drugs

ellynas12 points
here is the sauce, fellow Hugelolers

LSF_Overdrive10 points
That pun does he.

shambybambie8 points

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Gaben8745 points
She is a woman, move along...

mastikator31 points
Don't see the problem to be honest.

wolfus35 points
I mean the scary doll, not the girl.

Tokogawa168 points

qwasdfs2279 points
now imagine a male running into a volleyballfield to touch the womens butt