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somer113 points
Cmon, this isnt even fair. We (ze Germans) had a couple of years, while the Amer...

Heidegger85 points
you call us atheists? this is such an unrespectful thing. You're insulting the a...

drfurry77 points
there's people who don't know mondo media's happy tree friends? how can they eve...

TripleAC72 points
Ok this is just awesome. That incredibly confused look on her face is so worth i...

Dr_Seitenbach56 points
i havent seen him here foe quite a while now

danteveil52 points
"One more". What are the other things? Eating like pigs and building ...

Firewing51 points
>Take all carbon atoms >Change them with silicium atoms 'cause they are i...


Dr_Seitenbach49 points
well he saved it

b0gster47 points
Except Greece is gorgeous and Detroit is a junkyard

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Lythor1 point

Legion31411 point
Sorry, it's a repost. Can't forget that face.

Five Cages

lpslasher2 points
Cages In Your Mouth

cillian2 points
Cage 18.

ShanksLeRoux3 points
The Cage Beneath the Skin

Shadowflux1 point
Yea you were right that he lived...My friends told me he died of that "Acci...


shut up you inbred crackwhore

is he jumping through the window to repeat the procedure?