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EmilMacko31 points
Excuse me but Cough and Rough rhyme just fine (vocally even)

HugelolBatMan30 points
"luckiest boy alive" "every single one of his classmates is de...

mshemuni12 points

cr4nk110 points
Im a vegan atheist crossfitter and apple user. please kill me

Poopleheimer10 points
Xbox 1 - republicans 0

JackyJJ9 points
Here a nonenglish speeker: How do Pony and Bologna rhyme? Google Translate prono...

cbadef8 points
This was posted so recently

zGuy8 points
student "oh no I'm late to class!" teacher "there is no more cla...

Ants_6 points
Y u do dis ;-;

JohnDough6 points
Must be a russian mod

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mechevara42 points
Isis was not a virgin. Horus was not born on december 25. There is no record of ...

Petigun28 points
In the movies, Mike had his face alwways cover by something when he came in the ...

ShadoWalkeR34 points
Apple is a gay company.

maxmadman47 points
17 degrees.

Metalhead53 points
Yeah, because pushing Enter will have a "Err: Syntax" as you filled th...