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jakehauge12 points
Haha, the f*cking white dot confused the f*cker

Let it blow, let it blow!

phuk_yu8 points
Special horses???

Bob_Bwaa6 points
"Yeah ! A dildo !"

PandaFu6 points
Photoshop would tend to disagree.

kingreturns6 points
Bomb the *** out of Erdogan and save us from him, Lord Putin.

kingreturns6 points
What a wonderful world! Before you destroy Turkey, please take us non-AKP voters...

Hawkoz4335 points

DreamWave4 points
I hate how fake these things can get. Like it's that easy draining the oil.. if ...

mygall4 points
Turkey is waaay to mixed up with the USA for Russia to really carry this on.

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WasteofBreath23 points
looks at title applauds*

Bob_Bwaa38 points
"Thanks, I already have it."

zGuy46 points
8 * 0 = 0

stux25 points
And where are the filthy Mac Zealots? The fanatic slaves of their mindless faith...

deathmind12 points
Amy Schumer.