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derspiegel119 points
gr8 b8 m8

KinkyKangaroo103 points
mfw I'm waiting for the gandalfes

Mumantai93 points
1. Make a complaining post 2. ??? 3. Profit

Kakkanat91 points
at least you don't lose money when you're wasted

CommonFreak83 points
bring it

Dr_Seitenbach59 points

ivanprz52 points
punch her in the stomach accidentally she's laughing MARRY HER

Mendoza49 points
'Sorry' - back to no stars

hogggA9749 points
oh an unexpected twist, just like i expected, worth the read

Takalisky43 points

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actionNoah1 point
top kek

Detroit081 point
you mean football as in soccer right?

john_faber0 points
Oh it does lift alright. You know how much? Several thousand tons of water with ...

You like this gif ,don't you?

No, what you are looking for pansexualism, where you love basically whatever you...

Alechan2 points
Hypocritical muslims that complain only on the posts that offend them, I choose ...

TooMuchWow1 point
quote of the month!

what he should do next in the line of bodily improvements is get a brain tattoo ...

ItsDenn1 point
Correction: 5.???? 6.Profit