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Today's best comments
jamescnj122 points

hornysenpai12 points
Get the fuck out

Antitheist12 points
The second part of picture is totally wrong. There is no way that feminist (depi...

shadowsgate11 points
This person is a special kind of retarded.

toscomovil10 points
dat ass

erede00710 points

Sauron9 points
May be bissexual... Flies away!

_Coneberry8 points

I have no clue what any of this is.

BarackObimbo8 points
correct me if i am wrong but i think those are fucking amish.

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kit1234able25 points
I rate it 9/11

Niracuar46 points
9gag? DansGame

kekula37 points
Oh for fcks sake, that was one good chuckle

Spierdalen34 points
das why piratebay is power and love

G4m3err0r35 points
this is evidence for fucking no sleep this night!!