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Bufu129 points

sotie7 points
artist's name plox

Harold6 points
Make it round

jonathan3336 points
the title says is all

So...the USA is basically a dude with a tiny D so he buys lotsa big guns but is ...

HiddenSquid5 points
You are such a massive fag it is hard to comprehend

FrankSosa5 points
protip: dont spraypaint

quiksloth5 points
Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life.

Hikaru0034 points
It's just me depressed or is hugelol really funny today? :D

RyoWannabe4 points
this picture is captioned wrong. it should be "shhhhhh, you're next but i'l...

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Niracuar34 points
"I go to 4chan i'm so edgy and cool"

omgroflrofl28 points
Boy you are wrong. Courts only grant custody to the father if the mother is prov...

erede00725 points
Intense plane dogfight

4TAKTER40 points

PEPE_MASTER43 points