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hartzivftw10 points
>Inb4 Slowpoke

DiamondDotA10 points
They even got a monkey! What a great touch.

LijpoChris7 points
This joke is so bad.. I feel bad for laughing at it

Nicolan27 points
What I think when feminazis say Cis...

free_hug6 points
black girls: *drops by daddy* *chew 5 watermelons* *chugs a barrel of malt li...

Yup7465 points
But watches are pretty nice too tbh...

3NCrypt3D6 points
The P.S. holy ***

thalespr5 points
why is "*** in the shower guy" back?

Haor5 points
totally legit

so pretty much old runescape teleport #old memories

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cbadef19 points
I will give you +1 Karma if you promise to never post this picture again.

Mudragal_46 points
Couldn`t find my original reply to the first time this was posted here, but recr...

helezon32 points
>they It's zim/zom/bazongo, privileged c*nt.

zGuy80 points

Puddin25 points
It's from a show named Avatar: The Last Airbender. There was one episode where t...