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epiccenter13436 points
Jesus was a pacifist and wouldn't want to own any type of weapon. These attemp...

LijpoChris32 points
Top kek, and not a bot, well done

Golgotha22 points
*Americans in a Nutshell

NoValoVult21 points
Well, as if was supposed to be a carpenter, the nailgun actually seems quite log...

Drink_Spaget16 points
this is reposted like 3 times before but instead it blacks out everything

lore11 points
Who the f*ck gives water to plants? Everyone knows you have to give Brawndo, it ...

zGuy10 points
misread it as "select your Hitler"

Aces19959 points
just like your penis

alvaln890127 points

Negro black on Spanish btw

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DizzNizz23 points
This is still irritating because it's not going all the way in. f*ck.

hawk500548 points
Why are you guys even trying. The bots are clearly made by the admins in order ...

Lucasuper42 points
No it doesn't.

saske117136 points

MLaop27 points
yea cause what's more fun than to repeat a joke so overused it stopped being fun...