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zolk45 points
Damm he did it again!

AD9335 points
The black kids look older than my parents...

illuminator30 points

lancastermk528 points

Seerk25 points
I don't know of this thing you talk about, this "girlfriend".

hents33321 points
the fun part about this is that this post might be the most legit post on the in...

cedric19 points
What's uplink?

zanck17 points
i did laugh, not much though 6.5/10

vorrion17 points
So league of legends isn't the only game with a sh*t community!

thats fucking horrifying.

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the_link70 points
Not much, what's up with you?

Malte123 points

VIadimirPutin66 points

maplememe133 points
HAHAHAHAHAHA There is no hope left for humanity.

mfw you post a link to a rection gif