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Today's best comments
pokematic39 points
Damnit Wiings

That is clearly a fucking bus you idiot!

Malte18 points
They improved the cockpit doors...

shilem13 points

lancastermk512 points

Killbot12 points
I hurt you yesterday I will hurt you tomorrow I hurt you everyday It's also a...

OpIsASpy11 points

Pupps11 points
And it was the most peaceful day in human history

LordDeathsama11 points
look like balls to me

Lordcerii8 points
What IS hiding under that washcloth? I mean in the actual book, not "Hurr h...

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Coffin_maker42 points
no parents

kekula47 points
shots fired

AncientArcher53 points
Yeah, I doesn't afraid of anything either

zenox89 points

Davidisgay38 points
When we reach a point where 2/3 posts on the Fresh are submitted by bots, I beli...