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Bear in mind that Turkey does *** like this with Greece every week, yet no plane...

Bob_Bwaa15 points
Well actually, a bigger dog would have more cinetical energy.

IIWW11 points
They once had an episode when it turned out that the cause of death was chocolat...

Tara_11 points
Well, you're certainly worthy of the title "f@ggot"

f*ck kerdogan - bomb turkey.

Kenway928 points
niggas always do crazy ***..

Sounds like a bad game of civ.

BIG_LOL6 points
The real deal

Bob_Bwaa5 points
"Onward, soldiers ! To Turkey !"

isn't 9.8 meters per second squared the acceleration rate of gravity?

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phuk_yu29 points
Special horses???

WasteofBreath29 points
looks at title applauds*

Bob_Bwaa44 points
"Thanks, I already have it."

zGuy47 points
8 * 0 = 0

stux27 points
And where are the filthy Mac Zealots? The fanatic slaves of their mindless faith...