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Look what you've done

chrisyx11 points
"You guys are stupid. See, ebola is gonna be looking for the guys in the bi...

bschany1710 points

qrhenri10 points
am i the only one who saw first letters "help me"

childgag8 points
He ate a man with swag

procrasti868 points
I'm not a half naked fisherman in his late 40s Neither am I young Abe Lincoln w...

Gourmet_Imp8 points

BlackRipper7 points
8888888888889999999999888888888888888888 88888888888888888888 8888888899998888...

maxmadman7 points
This post is so gayy.

gxtmx6 points
like a glove

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LordOchialoc21 points
Well, the true winner would not fit there...

kcela39 points

daud_ici28 points
You sexually identify as a predator? How strange, me too!

kit1234able30 points
nerds ways of f*cking with people.

AD9334 points
All of the people complaining about the watermark are idiots, not realizing this...