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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It's never too late! Thanks! :D

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Sorry, it's called Seinfield. I figured everybody knows Seinfield, since it's a classic. My bad, you're right, I should've named the show.

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Because it's me. Some people hate me for no reason. Alas, I don't give a ***. I'm just trying to flush out their time-zone to post when they're asleep.

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It's a repost, and I even remember this comment: "I love how turtles lose their shit when they are flipped over".

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Oh, that's right. You're a dinosaur.

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For those too young to know, that's how dogs died in Wolfenstein 3D.

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*** you. I posted this same shit, -12 Karma. You post this, Front Page. Go get ***ed by a cactus while taste buds develop in your anus.

I'm sorry if I post something that has been posted before. Please provide a link to the original and/or have enough people support you, and I will delete. They are NOT intentional!

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