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i just realized she was coming out of a tv and that this was the ring and the volcanic island is probably japan

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how did he know where to go

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your title is fuked

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you shitlords really left the other half in fresh

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THanks ;3 real recognize real. I used to work out at my uni's gym before covid. Luckily my neighbor grabbed literally the last 200 kg of rogue bumpers back in April and i got a rusty ivanko bar off craigslist and gave it a second life and built a cage and platform so the answer would be my neighbor's garage haha. We really got super lucky though if we bit the bullet any later we wouldn't have gotten anything.

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Hi are you sgdj's friend? This is his mother, he always talked about you and as he was dying he wished very much to see ur titties? Maybe to honor his death you could dm his account a nude? I know if he was alive today it would make him unbelievably happy

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hugelol lifting competition when?

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oh no o_o. also dont leave out the dog n*gga manga and the the Royal Air Force Wing commander Guy Gibson's dog

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honk honk

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guys i google nigge is not a word nice try