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Damn, was expecting A$AP :/

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Let me give you an example, theoretical, not actual numbers or who knows, they make 200k a year and they donate 20k, which is 10%, you make 600EuroX12=7200Euro per year, do you donate 720Euro? Do you even donate 10 Euro? I dont know your age, but if you are getting money from your parents still, do you donate even a little part of them? You might say, that as you dont have much money yourself and they have a lot more, they have more money left, but that is not true, you have a bike, they have a lamborghini, expences scale up to income. I hope that gives you a perspective so you can "imagine" it.

Also @kosobi, I am super happy you recieve the help man, I wish you all the best!!

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She's also p*rnhub's new top 1 so yeah

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One guy was 53 at a different post

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sm drop teh sauce?

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He wanted to slide, but I dont see how, he would have just fallen on his back and/or hit his head and would have been much worse

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Maaan, ever since I am in germany and I ask someone about something he says "in Germany we have this.." The f*ck do you think rest of the world is like? Some apocalitpic wasteland 300 years in the past? Every f*cking store on this sphere shaped stone has this thing..