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33 year old Ass. Prof. with two doctoral degrees (funny story why btw). Long distance triathlete with around 6-8% bodyfat (190cm, 80kg). Married, kid, dog, house (built 1902). Full hair (thx grandpa from moms' side) and beard.
I played WoW as beta tester but never really played after (i hate abonnements).
i enjoy a mtn dew and cheetos occasionally tho.

i try to be perfect and i work hard for that.

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1-2 dates (mostly dinner because i enjoy eating nice) and i always meet them at their place. takes a bit to convince them but always works. or a hotelroom (a nice one, not some cheap). close? you mean ending it? geavily differs. exapmles sre: i moved away, they moved away, they met someone who could be a serious thing, i just tell them i met someone for something serious, they get super mad because i dont go for a relationship. these things

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I still stick to my words. Everything is possible.

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best stuff ever

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I started ignoring her but she still doesnt give up despite me not answerimg, not even to correct her.
so the answer is: yes

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lmao truest of all things.
except that it is not the goth kids but the pumpkin spice white girls who are "actually a witch" and the dudes with the white girls' mindset as well

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bri'ish twitter

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I remember one post here asking "would you still love me if i was turkish"
and there were like 50 comments that said "no"

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omg this is literally super toxic

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current thing over.
whats next current thing?

I am drowning in pussy! (yes you made me change the original text after 5 years)

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