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skylineGTR99 points

zebigboo83 points
how can global warming be real if al gore isn't real ?

Skarok79 points

mangochatney76 points
I'm not sure what to do. Dislike it for the post or like it for the title ?

Skarok76 points
That fool got what he deserved

ClintEastwood65 points

lukemacy63 points
Have you ever seen 2 girls trying to balance the same cup on their head? I don't...

2pac62 points
This better get to front

HaganeMiku58 points

Flying_Fvck58 points
if this is legit....

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Chunk1 point
Looks like a chubby jeremy clarkson XD

johnm4jc1 point
lol at american pleb system

Nomy961 point
Majority of people obviously rather upvoted this post than downvoted it, so that...

Chunk1 point

Nomy961 point
It's a watermark from "making you own texts" site, don't even remember...

Deadlyduck1 point
Ooooo mongolian beef so good

Vladias1 point
my internet provider didnt get the memo

lockhound1 point

Also, this happened 15 years ago