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Skylite16 points
*insert clever comment here*

Papapa14 points
When you want to upvote, but then realise it's a bot

notmyusername11 points
As a french I can confirm this translation is 100% legit certifiƩ baguette

jamescnj19 points

The French "translation"? Funny. The fact that Americans apparently...

There is no german translation....

Gurzociurlo5 points
marios better

Papapa4 points
That's... not how it happened

Niracuar4 points
Take that, flat earthers!

nutellablood4 points
TBH everything they do is written in the quran.

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cbadef23 points
I will give you +1 Karma if you promise to never post this picture again.

Mudragal_48 points
Couldn`t find my original reply to the first time this was posted here, but recr...

helezon33 points
>they It's zim/zom/bazongo, privileged c*nt.

zGuy83 points

Puddin26 points
It's from a show named Avatar: The Last Airbender. There was one episode where t...