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Today's best comments
It's called football you uncultured swine

Jaclanta21 points
Not anymore you f*cking norman.

Mr_upvoter19 points
Ahhh this Post Reminds me of Hugelol back in the good old days, Repost OP

LtRedFalcon17 points
you unrared it

JohnDough16 points

cedric16 points

Paralex17 points

WhyBannDreX14 points
That's exactly what Illuminati would say.

superpilou13 points
you deserve to be banned just for that title

Aces199513 points
walked in, prematurely triforced everywhere, then left in embarrassment

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It's called football you uncultured swine

I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of...

real bro

TehDarkrai59 points
I find joy in disliking them

I_shower_naked1149 points
Since the begining of f*cking Hugelol most of the content was screencapped or ta...