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Sekaso15 points
>you >human being

IronPonyGames12 points
except he was a pussy as b*tch and wouldn't walk so he never got to see Paris fr...

daud_ici11 points
Your name says it all.

Maxiluc123459 points

daud_ici9 points
Are those... oak posts?

mrwuut8 points
Who cares about shooting stars? The scent on the left isn't only your everyday b...

MLaop7 points
Lol, kinda pathetic, but thanks for trying.

deadlierduck6 points
Sorry, I've only got poles

WhoGivesAFuq6 points
Glad this had a big red mark, I didn't know what to look at.

Saff4 points
Yes you are unnecessary, you freaking bot. stop shaytposting and go awa...

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MLaop19 points
yea cause what's more fun than to repeat a joke so overused it stopped being fun...

fyvyvyvyv56 points
something like that happened at my university recently. Some stupid gender studi...

hellonewman38 points

Cathulhu85 points
1. Forbid bots. 2. Do not allow posts with watermarks. That should reduce the *...

Bellyfloper23 points
Tumblr ruined pepe for the rest of the internet