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WasteofBreath22 points
looks at title applauds*

Tara_13 points
Oh, how I'm gonna laugh at you ***s if this idiot gets elected.

daud_ici10 points
I see no problem here. They prayed for the souls of Frenchmen - now lo and behol...

bardockrs8 points
No one cares nigga.

Did she cry to the list ?

jakehauge9 points
Haha, the f*cking white dot confused the f*cker

thebricks6 points

Supertomski6 points
Duh, pokemon badges don't give you control over pokemon above lvl 60, only up to...

FastFuse5 points
why would one censor f*cking usernames?

Storm5 points
"With a small loan of one million dollars, one man set out to change the wo...

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Bob_Bwaa37 points
"Thanks, I already have it."

zGuy44 points
8 * 0 = 0

stux25 points
And where are the filthy Mac Zealots? The fanatic slaves of their mindless faith...

deathmind12 points
Amy Schumer.

Gongolongo103 points