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pcmalinwa64 points
Never been this entertained by a Matrix sequel.

johnm4jc42 points
fite me irl fagit lel

even though this is fake, i like how i didnĀ“t see it the first time

2TAKTER34 points
I'm fine with this

hurdurhur34 points
Are you saying missing a punch on Justin Bieber is better than Lord of the Rings...

Annim29 points
Just report the fuckers and leave the rest to the mods. Ez.

Rikasu26 points
I wonder what those crossed words could be

black2726 points
world would be doomed


mrme310122 points

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Barkyns1 point
Has nothing in common with picture, but could you please send me meme of black g...

Reptard1 point
Welcome to unemployment

And "Wat" does not even exist!, I am a retarded OP. And fag.

i know that's not actually ayumi, chill guys

10/10, would wear

Kaden_1 point
I need the Captain...

aspyre1 point
Loved them. Is there an online shop or something?

Atlas1 point
We know what happened to Vlad in the end though.

genius1 point
Anyone know who the girl is? Doing a paper on...stuff.

Kaden_1 point
You may criticize IE 11 for his plugin management, but not for his speed. On my...