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LordOchialoc20 points
Well, the true winner would not fit there...

RedSnappah15 points
I find it appropriate that I should find this on Rising

Gabbens8 points
Hemmoroids... Blood gets stuck in the veins, and expands the vessels, in the anu...

Deid7 points
It's funny because Uranium is no. 92 in the periodic table. Take my like!

Look what you've done

bschany177 points

Lordcerii5 points
"Serious inquiries only, please"

childgag5 points
He ate a man with swag

trolo32325 points
how this is funny?

good guy cameraman, waiting victim for amusement.

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LordOchialoc20 points
Well, the true winner would not fit there...

kcela39 points

daud_ici28 points
You sexually identify as a predator? How strange, me too!

kit1234able30 points
nerds ways of f*cking with people.

AD9334 points
All of the people complaining about the watermark are idiots, not realizing this...