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HarrisM47 points

HugelolBatMan23 points
I'm amazed by how greedy that guy jumps at the phone, and that furious look he g...

colmk17 points
How dare you interrupt i_kappa's awesome posts with this nonsense

Bellyfloper14 points
Fun word of the day: genocide

tablechair11 points
No cupcake 0/10

Schorsch10 points

Ryomaru9 points
Dont worry if you are measured you will appear in only one of those places.

Jkill47 points
check these rare cakes.

garabudas7 points
so this duck finally arrives here..

Eleleu6 points
>"being Arabic" >wearing a Dastar/Sikh turban >mfw

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HarrisM47 points

AssWizard18 points do you mean ''too fat'', shes perfect

DizzNizz27 points
This is still irritating because it's not going all the way in. f*ck.

hawk500551 points
Why are you guys even trying. The bots are clearly made by the admins in order ...

Lucasuper43 points
No it doesn't.