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skylineGTR110 points

Skarok90 points
That fool got what he deserved

zebigboo86 points
how can global warming be real if al gore isn't real ?

Skarok86 points

mangochatney77 points
I'm not sure what to do. Dislike it for the post or like it for the title ?

ClintEastwood70 points

lukemacy66 points
Have you ever seen 2 girls trying to balance the same cup on their head? I don't...

HaganeMiku62 points

Fuvity60 points
Looks like the tables have turned, motherfucker!

Flying_Fvck59 points
if this is legit....

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DutchPro1 point

Haroldism1 point

MoonMadness0 points
James bond might weigh around 70kilo's, you know

^^ what he said


TheRKG0 points
Normally i'd say yes, but it seems like most Skyrim players be smithin their arm...

thor1232 points
link to imgur post?

DosenDisco1 point

It's probably 9gag

zebigboo1 point