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Today's best comments
CrazyRedRaw19 points
Get this shit out of this website

DrStein1715 points
Everything about this post is perfect

alexands9 points
This doesn't smell like HL content.

Bufu128 points

TehDarkrai8 points
you can make something similar with genwunners

Surstromming8 points
Human mouth can only taste 25 tastes per second anyway...

Ben_Dover8 points
Thats actually sad. Was not in for the feels.

A) Not funny B) This kind of posting is supposed to make you relate, but on thi...

CookieCutter7 points
MFW finally top tier

Joikare28 points
the original also, good title

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Wullf24 points
i have not yet made up my mind whether it is supposed to be porn or not.

PisterBoboto27 points
Awesome OC Dude! You know all that hugelol users want is to see following posts ...

fostartaly94 points
>cybersquatting Also

Checkman4464 points
Ayyy lmao

Flooptidoo69 points
"We need more women in the sciences" "What's your major?" ...