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zorpas213 points
because it a old and reposted as f*ck joke

Bob_Bwaa11 points
If I had a nickel everytime I heard this joke, I could buy the Volt f*ckMaster P...

mo65559 points
"privileged white male" PLEASE f*ck OFF

keppa309 points
That pokerface tho


zorpas28 points
was this the picture you wanted in the title?

somer7 points
One eye on the money, one eye on the hoes.


Takumi7 points
nice resolution...

hugegaag6 points
I never laughed this hard at a hugelol post.

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DjCoco15 points
RIP Hugelol

daud_ici20 points
Probably because from every non-US perspective both parties are considered deepl...

Forthesrs89 points
Terrible font makes it difficult to read :|

Tomasdav37 points
Is that some cheap parody for poland balls?

tunga31 points
but where is the fun?