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epiccenter13422 points
Jesus was a pacifist and wouldn't want to own any type of weapon. These attemp...

LijpoChris18 points
Top kek, and not a bot, well done

Deid17 points
Shame on that fake-ass dog

procrasti8615 points
it's a dog, he's supposed to bite the b*tch... And he was trying. Instead she us...

NoValoVult15 points
Well, as if was supposed to be a carpenter, the nailgun actually seems quite log...

totoin14 points
Molesterol is the best thing i heard in years. Still laughing like a retarded se...

Herpcules13 points
yeah, I'll rub my dick all over that sandwich too

Golgotha10 points
*Americans in a Nutshell

JackRooster10 points
I can almost see the gif through the pixels

fynrir9 points
And this kind of biker do more drugs than all the hell's angel.

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DizzNizz22 points
This is still irritating because it's not going all the way in. f*ck.

hawk500545 points
Why are you guys even trying. The bots are clearly made by the admins in order ...

Lucasuper41 points
No it doesn't.

saske117134 points

MLaop27 points
yea cause what's more fun than to repeat a joke so overused it stopped being fun...