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n0ob14 points
I swear you could put hugelol instead of 4chan and it would fit just as well. I ...

BigPhatPernus13 points
zOMG1!!111!! 0nli on tumbl amirite guiz?? x3

Dugloom11 points
he dindu nuthin

Switzerland2311 points
Bo Burnam - What

knarrenheinz6 points
Why did Tumblr have to ruin it? QQ

jfjfdu3875 points
yes, very far, so far it goes o infinity and beyond

omfgusername5 points

free_hug5 points

immapotato4 points
That's not accurate, pugs originated trough evolution just like wolves, and not ...

Skorne4 points
Luckily, as a watermelon, she is 92% water and can soothe her burns.

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Yvain50 points
Gee OP ! Two watermarks ?

Hippieguy112 points
Come on guys, assuming that he abandoned his kid just because he is black is rac...

dingsbums31 points

phuk_yu34 points
Special horses???

WasteofBreath32 points
looks at title applauds*