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deves77 points
haha nice try but everybody knows switzerland isnt in europe

Hammet64 points
Slovenia never on any map...croatia on every map


RedSnappah36 points

I am not RosettaStoned, but I hope that's what you want >It's around 0.00 ...

Good old times when we used to convince newfags to delete system32 and when they...

11thdoctor31 points

"Longest living snake" guiness book of world records 2013. I'm ok this...

Immy9623 points
Elijah Would

ivanprz22 points
I honestly thought "wtf? if the joke is they have bad aim the shots should ...

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procrasti8695 points
Calm your tits, guys, I don't think you know what a security question is. You ha...

Horakoeri6 points
There is. But you sould've installed it before fucking over your phone...

Battleman75 points

procrasti86240 points
Reading her name I think the "t" is silent

ItsDenn100 points
I don't see the point of this meme. Because Steve Jobs does exactly what god do...