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xiangua30 points
Oh my God soooooooooooooooo ooooooooooold. cmon man, it's like we're not even tr...

Raidenz8526 points

Rgeers23 points
Lol, looks like she had enough sandwiches already :P

JohnDough18 points
What is the phobia of OC called? REPOST

Fitzpatrick15 points
It appears that this post is quite popular among hugelol. Maybe I should post it...

zanck12 points
Will work on it,il share results

MrLat11 points
All ideas are open to criticism, and if your ideas are silly then too bad.


JohnDough9 points
A repost of a repost. Repost^2

It needs some deal with it shades that pop out too

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Jokked38 points
that was cruel as f*ck : /

Ahriman73 points
I think it's not electromagnetism but gravitational force.

The ones that wear hats and the ones that don't.

marx3436 points
You just dont f*ck with peoples feelings like that dude

Catalono72 points
The question remains: which one do i f*ck?