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john_faber93 points
The standards used Double Team!

Intaminator81 points
Thanks for posting. Cheers.

Riderluk71 points
Wait, you're telling me there are hypocrites on the internet?!

john_faber45 points
Sorry, but after reading the one about the guy in pirate costume who shot two mu...

ivanprz44 points
I think its a repost

ze_WtK42 points
>implying Dragonforce is hard >implying to know about metal

>mfw European date format

ivanprz39 points
dudeā€¦. this kind of things shouldn't be censored the world needs to know...

daud_ici37 points
Love that Switzerland looks like a space invader ship...

somer32 points ^moar of the same (in case anyone is interested)

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We feel your pain, brother, and we support you in this battle. I salute you!

DosenDisco1 point
Isnt it obsolete now anyway? Doesnt greece owe germany more than germany does gr...

Hugelol: a place where users can't crop for shit.

Balrog3331 point
there is no such thing called bronze in korea

probably not, but those feets are dirty... ew

Wouldve been funnier if you went with "grave".

genius1 point
I am greek, and I know what kind of cunt Samaras is, but when you said that abou...

NotLuke1 point
Lol brokest

GOLD MASTERRACE Ads are for the filthy peasants.

Drogeriehund0 points
still no reason to post rage faces.