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Intaminator110 points
Thanks for posting. Cheers.

john_faber107 points
The standards used Double Team!

Riderluk79 points
Wait, you're telling me there are hypocrites on the internet?!

hector378953 points
execep the mongols did conquer russia...

>mfw European date format

ivanprz46 points
I think its a repost

ivanprz42 points
dudeā€¦. this kind of things shouldn't be censored the world needs to know...

somer41 points ^moar of the same (in case anyone is interested)

daud_ici40 points
Love that Switzerland looks like a space invader ship...

thor12337 points
neither do you, you never use a fresh joke...

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Timeless1 point
Cool story bro, but where's the funny?

gchamon1 point
ikr, how are you supposed to suckle on those toes if they are dirty!

KatMan3601 point
"but whatever turns you on man."

SunPraiser372 points
I was just going to assume google but whatever turns you on man.

Kehlian1 point
Let's agree on the fact that you should provide a link.

Tipan14001 point
the last one is the only photoshoped one there

KatMan3601 point
Sauce: Don't ask me how I got the sa...

Krekkov1 point
no, its a space marine in a shovel knight armor

cpt_please1 point
hon ftw :)

TheGray1 point
Well, alcohol turns into a lethal poison in your bloodstream. He is correct, act...