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zGuy49 points

TeamGorg13 points
now I'm famous on the internetz because of erection stuff. hi mom.

cedric12 points
...and in the Hugelol commment section: "Blame the feminazis!"

gamri11 points
The question is, are you real, or are you a bot posting about bots

zGuy10 points
you know you f*cked up when even your "own kind" tells you to gfy

jamescnj110 points

peasant8 points
Do these people really exist? or is tumblr just a clusterf*ck of trolls?

Gongolongo7 points
Zero is my favorite angel.

Hawkoz4337 points
What a repost

I don't get the part about Atheists. In my experience, an Atheist is far less l...

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zGuy49 points

Puddin23 points
It's from a show named Avatar: The Last Airbender. There was one episode where t...

BorisGucovski35 points

Barne61 points
Is it true? 0P154F46

Werri35 points
Now I understand, why these women must be accompanied by a man