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hellonewman22 points
That's a Volkswagen, isn't it?

DARK16 points
Man, I would f*cking snap her neck. But then again, I usually become alert when...

Chernobyl13 points
Perhaps she is the one convincing the shooters and the escapes like this

proutcaca12 points
Stay away from her, she's bad news

MandraM11 points
smooth motherf***er

mighty_gab9 points
Throw her in and force her to give back to you (even if it's broken)

FaceMcshooty8 points
Life is rough being a liberal.

Viktor12437 points
An accurate representation of the Croatian-Hungarian border

BootWootFoo6 points
It's not the same girl its just very generic-looking girls (probably wear leggin...

mo65555 points
the answer is 5 5 2 because there isn't anything between the 1's in different ...

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kidneystealer18 points
Sir David Attenborough is a legend

LijpoChris22 points
Thats a great 1st post you got there, my hugelol veteran brother

daud_ici34 points
I always thought that blue(/lilac/purple/etc) dyed hair is the female fedora. I'...

viniito34 points
post has been modified in order to address nowadays context. In my book that's n...

Niracuar52 points
It's because she didn't laugh at the salad like a normal woman would