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AnzeG61 points
* Ctrl Bloody peasants

john_faber56 points
The standards used Double Team!

Riderluk42 points
Wait, you're telling me there are hypocrites on the internet?!

john_faber35 points
Sorry, but after reading the one about the guy in pirate costume who shot two mu...

Aces199533 points
His parents look like they've smoked more weed than Seth could in a century

ze_WtK32 points
>implying Dragonforce is hard >implying to know about metal

Shawnart32 points
suure, I'm away from HL for a few days and Seitenbach's gold. outrageous. wha...

ivanprz31 points
I think its a repost

nick_offerman28 points

ivanprz25 points
dudeā€¦. this kind of things shouldn't be censored the world needs to know...

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Floing1 point
I scrolled down fully expecting "Hodor"

RemonFTW1 point
It used to be Hugelol... now it's 9gaglol and pornlol.. i prefer pornlol to this...

Nubcake1 point
Just what I thought.

RemonFTW1 point
Waking up to a blowjob

her name is laura, there was a thread on /fit/ on 4chan but it 404'd.

Inhumator1 point
Tomato soup, anyone?

So you are telling me that you found porn that was recorded at his conception wi...

tamis901 point

mannlukas1 point
Finally my time to shine...

Horcza1 point
Congration, you done it!