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Today's best comments
LSF_Overdrive146 points
Is that a slut machine ?

saske117115 points


rsintesifies13 points

procrasti8613 points
If this is the best you've seen, I suspect you've just acquired an internet conn...

YoyoYo12 points
This is not 9GAG ...fags

AlexMM12 points
Can't you see, that it's diet Coke?????

this is just boring

Moonfane11 points
This guy's ability to grow extra arms for contemplative purposes is remarkable.

jaydog10 points
Can someone please fix the .depression bug? I'm just gonna quit playing if it pe...

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LSF_Overdrive146 points
Is that a slut machine ?

therichrocco38 points
Very nice tree ... butt plug it so we can see the lights !

datass45 points
TFW Slovenian

Joikare283 points
I somehow get the feeling that you used that greentext for this gif only...

HUGELOL34 points