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tionblaze77 points
I didn't know we were all for women abuse on this site.

11thdoctor62 points
Even if you didn't see it coming halfway through the comic, it was still ruined ...

StonerStanley60 points

Mudragal48 points
Dr. Cox...

pcmalinwa36 points
Never been this entertained by a Matrix sequel.

tionblaze35 points

ze_WtK29 points
WHAT?!?!!??! Stop immediatelly this account, you asshole Shafdude was the true...

tionblaze27 points

Narim29 points
"9.7/10 IGN"

LordBelakor28 points
The fact that this needs a disclaimer shows just how much we dont need feminists...

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CjRoldo1 point
I can't tell if this is a dig at Game grumps or if its a dig at nintendo

Phantasma1 point

mitsandros1 point
choose me cause im awesome end

mitsandros1 point
dani daniels! she's got the name not the grace!

Dugloom1 point
Le meme xD ur an fagget.

albel1 point

Yeah He's got some real potential. Can't say that about this post though -2 alr...

TaylorMLG1 point
Gonna have to agree with you on this one. After the Purge, many of those posts g...

NyappyCat1 point

pinuzzo1 point
shit made me laugh like a madman at 03:30 am