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Today's best comments
2MuchFreeTime20 points
Sorry,can't hear you over all these Steam sales and discounts...

cedric19 points
Titles like "XY was pretty underrated" are pretty overrated.

HugelolBatMan15 points
Both of those games are pure fucking cancer

lommert13 points
you mean straight D student

Chikius12 points
Every single Dan Schneider show is the same shit meant for 13 year old girls, ha...

Saint_Hektik9 points
PS4 is cool though. Bloodborne is dope.

loxyx19 points
Something with jew in the name can never be master race

Bricksindo9 points
not only he lost his neck, he turned 90 degrees to the right when changing to FP...

JohnDough8 points
I wish my titles were as creative as yours

dezyfizzle8 points

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Latest Gold Winners: Comments
HeyYu45 points
Dude PC won with minesweeper, you don't need more examples.

YoDawgz60 points

Phaglord91 points
You Would Have To Post 5 Posts Today To Get The Same Kek Value As A Post From 20...

viniito61 points
He probably can't read anyway so why does it matter?

TheMegaNeger64 points
i think at some point boobs get too big and less attractive.