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Today's best comments
GoldElite10 points
I usually see those coming. This anon sure is sneaky.

freisturz10 points
I never asked for this.

yeargh10 points
The limit in number of luggages is due to the limited stocking space, while the ...

Omegnight9 points
The dress is obviously blue.

Werri8 points
What were their expectations?

stonertramp8 points
gay sex is so weird

Raidenz855 points

TheBarge6 points
art of the catch wasn't even finished, it was stated by the modder that it was b...

CookieMonsta5 points
members*.. bots dont take advice... they just bot.

coZma5 points
This will make your hole weak!

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kekula30 points
Oh for fcks sake, that was one good chuckle

Spierdalen33 points
das why piratebay is power and love

G4m3err0r34 points
this is evidence for fucking no sleep this night!!

yeargh42 points
please tell me that the french related title pun was intended

HeyYu55 points
Dude PC won with minesweeper, you don't need more examples.