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gEt_rEkt25 points

cbadef21 points
That's some Durex advertisement right there

Tobiky20 points
These kind of things is what restores my faith in humanity; Dumbasses sacrificin...

tunga11 points
-Do you wanna get raped? -No. -Thats the spirit.

Adr1an9 points
This made me feel warm inside.

semir3218 points
actually there are 5, the 5th guy isnt even there

YangXiaoLong9 points

Alper37 points
Carry a rape whistle to give them a headstart

JaqenHghar5 points
let the victim rape the perpetrator afterwards. so they are even.


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Gongolongo29 points
Pro tip: Ask her, if she is interested in lubricant. That makes her feel, that s...

assholes56 points
Thank god there's people like these in the world.

jamescnj126 points

notmyusername29 points
As a french I can confirm this translation is 100% legit certifié baguette

cbadef28 points
I will give you +1 Karma if you promise to never post this picture again.