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ASkyrimBandit78 points
Like Skyrim in 2D, 10/10 -IGN

exotobias162 points

fluffypains53 points
that's too many in a too short time, settle down, they are too predictable if th...

Kakkanat47 points

2TAKTER47 points
drew a penis-shaped ray on a robot. robot raped me to death - 10/10

LandonRickets47 points
mfw when i'm german but have no driving licence

JuliiD43 points
1 like and not in rising wtf hugelol

tionblaze36 points
Shot pee at a house and it died 9/10

Viktarios35 points

keppa3025 points
Eye witnesses say the waitress' panties fell to the ground immediately

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need this...great...

Krasko6661 point
at least i can still listen to black metal

VPN ftw.

Forthesrs1 point
I didn't even use the word satire... I just said "complete nonsense as some...

Serious Sam? Max Payne? Tomb Raider? Minecraft?

Kakkanat1 point
i was searching for links long ago but i still remember posts where i gave link ...


Cumbeast1 point
Well, under biological definition humans are primates.

lol "insulting chuck norris"

neingag1 point
no, he got his finger nails torn off