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BeatFuchs174 points

thild130 points
the bitch and the douche, a classic!

MrFreeBarbecue124 points
Moshi moshi erection desu

sevandb86110 points

white people

ivanprz80 points
what the hell do you mean "if she was older"??

ratelslangen74 points
Ok, to be clear, how retarded is tumblr that they dont know this?

guess she made the funny disappear too

PewJP65 points

Heartzskull52 points
I love how he's standing there at the beginning with his sunglasses under his ch...

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Ooh, that was a fun one!

it depends on what state you're in. also if you live in a city

Serana1 point
Oh sure I'll just walk past this huge lake of water that's rushing at the speed ...

b0gster1 point
Dick being a dick

Khajiit has wares if you have coin

Serana1 point
However it still doesn't make it a grammatical error . And I already said it was...

That water is stealin' my hobbit!

if you see the actual video it stays there for a good amount of time. Im genuine...

dat smile tho

sthngo1 point
I feel so stupid right now.