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Omegnight19 points
The story behind is that they discovered a frozen mammoth and they need to go be...

cedric14 points
Walk up to the club like...

Grasvelth13 points
Don Rosa's youth of Scrooge McDuck is like the freakin best thing ever.

narf4213 points
A few months back this was what hugelol was about.

HugelolBatMan11 points
These people actually exist? I think it's about time for humanity to go extin...

Reposts the days

MewLazor10 points
Owning CD's in 2014 is more embarrassing than watching anime


farfromover8 points
you mean fictional boy problems, right?

maxmadman8 points

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ShadoWalkeR25 points
Apple is a gay company.

maxmadman47 points
17 degrees.

Metalhead52 points
Yeah, because pushing Enter will have a "Err: Syntax" as you filled th...

Guteal36 points

ender0117 points
I think that it's more about censorship than banning squirting itself.