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Today's best comments
Mr_upvoter30 points
its all fun and games until someone gets kill

silverion26 points
Fast zombies are the worst

mastikator20 points

Krasko66616 points
i would very like to do this instead of drugs

ellynas13 points
here is the sauce, fellow Hugelolers

LSF_Overdrive10 points
That pun does he.

LordOchialoc9 points
Silly Harry Potter, he thinks he is Daniel now...

TripleAC9 points
Just Croatia things

aaaaarrgh9 points
17? So what? Oh, pardon me, I didn't realize this is probably in the U.S. Too ba...

reach1178 points
I guess we can safely assume that LG CEO isn't straight...

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Latest Gold Winners: Comments
ABAJ64 points
Then it get hilarious.

Gaben8747 points
She is a woman, move along...

mastikator32 points
Don't see the problem to be honest.

wolfus35 points
I mean the scary doll, not the girl.

Tokogawa168 points