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GandalfTheBlack245 points
Okay so this is the idea. Imgur has a system where an NSFW link can be posted. I...

semir32194 points
But Joey approves

Arxs80 points
remember it like bread & potato.

MC_Lovin78 points
Now we have Harold, Gandalf and Cage. The old gods and the new.

Mumantai73 points
1. Make a complaining post 2. ??? 3. Profit

Bob_Bwaa63 points
"Lots of people are shocked by rape scenes in GOT." "Lots of cun...

CommonFreak60 points
bring it

Kakkanat53 points
at least you don't lose money when you're wasted

Sephardic44 points
Heart of the cards, motherfucker

KinkyKangaroo44 points
mfw I'm waiting for the gandalfes

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i ve been branded by this in germany aswell so you cant count it to australia

daud_ici1 point
First time I wish I learned to weld while I had the chance...

i meant was the admitting so difficult?


You have no idea how much I appreciate.

Simbeat1 point
I'm the Mountain

l3lueman67-1 points

thanks =)

daud_ici1 point
What's the reason behind this flood of wasted gifs anyway? GTA5 has been out for...

PhegMan0 points
The human eye cant even see more than 10 faggots per second durrrr