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Today's best comments
TehDarkrai43 points
I find joy in disliking them

>be black >dindu nuffin choose one

papua20 points
No you really cant remake a movie about youth culture in 80s. You Einstein.

maplememe18 points
Most obvious troll ever

AD9315 points
"Here, everyone give me your cellphones, this is detention, not recess"...

NineSun14 points
This is only temporarily ... if you just ignore them only the people who like th...

SuperSaen11 points
It simple. We kill the bots.

I can't find a link but this has been posted here before.

NineSun10 points
Still don't know how it works? There was once some time ago a large pest of &qu...

Isac_E10 points
Nice editing there dipshit.

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TehDarkrai43 points
I find joy in disliking them

I_shower_naked1123 points
Since the begining of fucking Hugelol most of the content was screencapped or ta...

Wullf33 points
i have not yet made up my mind whether it is supposed to be porn or not.

PisterBoboto30 points
Awesome OC Dude! You know all that hugelol users want is to see following posts ...

fostartaly96 points
>cybersquatting Also