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luke266111 points
strange that you always had sex on the 7th day of a month, also I don't know the...

AnzeG53 points
* Ctrl Bloody peasants

Shawnart32 points
suure, I'm away from HL for a few days and Seitenbach's gold. outrageous. wha...

Aces199531 points
His parents look like they've smoked more weed than Seth could in a century

ze_WtK31 points
>implying Dragonforce is hard >implying to know about metal

john_faber30 points
Sorry, but after reading the one about the guy in pirate costume who shot two mu...

nick_offerman28 points

Lalo1824 points
Im pretty sure I've seen this here before

Chernobyl24 points
So much bitching for a baby... not my business

Airbourne9223 points
he said blow me

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Why should Germany attack Russia? They are best friends since ever!

ohboi1 point
and that is just another reason why you can't take wwf seriously, really how is ...

daud_ici1 point

Figuring them out as you are reading is not funny, cause you start off imagining...

hogggA971 point
hey guys, look there are gold users now

ohboi1 point
fire starters are sponsored by wwf due to their ecofriendlyness.

Inhumator1 point
Hey look! It's Enrico Palazzo!

BreakX501 point
Has gold. Posts shit.

Giomike1 point
thanks, that sheds some light to it.

AlexSonny1 point
If you'd realise that Reddit is not about just one thing we could all get along ...