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Bob_Bwaa25 points
"Thanks, I already have it."

WasteofBreath17 points
Wouldn't be the first time someone got burned with soup

Sekaso13 points
>can you read my son I usually read books but if you insist

thebricks7 points
He was "russian" into Scotland, am I right!

bardockrs5 points
No one cares nigga.

Gongolongo4 points
Link to commercial?

Macermac4 points
I don't get it, is there a deeper meaning behind this? Or maybe there is no fun...

Bob_Bwaa4 points
"Everything that is not meat, is vegetable."

LHton3 points
'MURICA! PS: -arab drinking wtf-

thebricks3 points
Where did the kamikaze went after dying for Allah?

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Bob_Bwaa25 points
"Thanks, I already have it."

zGuy42 points
8 * 0 = 0

stux25 points
And where are the filthy Mac Zealots? The fanatic slaves of their mindless faith...

deathmind11 points
Amy Schumer.

Gongolongo103 points