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Accar40 points
Pepperidge farm remembers.

viniito23 points
It's funny how they ask for respect, but as soon as someone else ask them to res...

_Coneberry21 points
Proof that weed destroys brain cells.. or is she just an american?

kidneystealer19 points
Reposted for the 4th time at least

daud_ici17 points
I don't know about that. I heard pot is much better than both...

Accar14 points
If I get a negative dollar, the balance of my bank account had to increase by on...

Anonymo13 points
dat wrong use of meme though

mygall13 points
Acutally, Whales are incredibly intelligent creature, with a complex language. B...

Jet_Fuel_11 points
Meme = Stolen

Gongolongo11 points
Murica. I would love some more details, what the judge said.

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Accar40 points
Pepperidge farm remembers.

lolwutwoot40 points
It's simple, we steal the pepe

luci33257 points
Always be the rapist, that way you can never be falsely accused.

entauri52 points
I don't have a gf and I pirate my games.

I am a profesor and this is very true