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Today's best comments
pokematic28 points
Damnit Wiings

_Rawr_15 points
A photobomb means that someone that shouldn't be in the photo messes it up. I'm ...

BigFatGuy214 points
even the internet's top scientists couldn't decipher whats supposed to be funny ...

lancastermk511 points

shilem10 points

jrlol39 points
Wow... Well this is a Repost

Dislike this sheit

Killbot8 points
I hurt you yesterday I will hurt you tomorrow I hurt you everyday It's also a...

derptheatre7 points
"Hang on man gotta let you go, someone is at the door"

Jkill3r7 points
burn in hell

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Coffin_maker40 points
no parents

kekula44 points
shots fired

AncientArcher52 points
Yeah, I doesn't afraid of anything either

zenox87 points

Davidisgay38 points
When we reach a point where 2/3 posts on the Fresh are submitted by bots, I beli...