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DarkArchon34 points
Jimmy's status: [x] Rustled [ ] Unrustled

badonkadonk7823 points

zanck21 points
Cmon cant the doctor see he just has big bones?

dantofaint16 points
this sh*t aint fun

Eleleu15 points
"Don't ignore me you rancid swine"...

Lord_Hakkira13 points
As I remember, it worked...

yeah, if they are lebians

CaiNe9 points

NothingToDo9 points

Kupa10 points
Apparently this doctor skipped some lessons about genetics.

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Raidenz8539 points

Jokked40 points
that was cruel as f*ck : /

Ahriman76 points
I think it's not electromagnetism but gravitational force.

The ones that wear hats and the ones that don't.

marx3438 points
You just dont f*ck with peoples feelings like that dude