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aaaaarrgh33 points
> Lecturer doing some intro to biology > asks what happens to food he eat...

JulienJaden30 points
Not enough food (at least not all year round), one-sided nutrition (if you kille...

KSDH22 points

daud_ici12 points
Why include the facebook part if you're going to blank it out anyway? Just posti...

TheMegaNeger10 points
Gotta love Barraco Barner


cedric8 points
Posting like it's 2006

Athaliel8 points
hilarious front page material

repost and that post was the reason i discovered key and peele like 2 years ago

CrazyRedRaw6 points

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jusfly6933 points
That physically hurt

HarrisM56 points

AssWizard17 points do you mean ''too fat'', shes perfect

DizzNizz26 points
This is still irritating because it's not going all the way in. f*ck.

hawk500551 points
Why are you guys even trying. The bots are clearly made by the admins in order ...