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williamalex302 points
"Slightly larger than your average lol" is great, massively approved b...

PokemonMolester184 points
''Try not beating dead horses'' Fuck you

leckmichdoch180 points
HUGELOL -STILL NO SLOGAN- I like that one.

Yamatoklok152 points
what is that?

Th3Y3llowFlash115 points
The lol is silent

Mr_Bramboy75 points
20% funnier than cancer

MasterWayne69 points

valerian64 points

Basically my post but made a bit more funny and not so long to read. You have m...

lilithos60 points

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well most religious drones think marijuana is the spawn of satan or something


Gninja1 point
whatever! the mera mera fuit doesn't think you're funny either! Ace would be sha...

Orgasma1 point
The internet. That solves all the problems.

This is not an image and i feel uncomfortable...

Oh hey cool, he pulled it from smartphoned, where you can make up any text conve...

Icebear1 point
Gandalfism: You have 2 cows.

Oh boy, what kind of funny post was that?

it was a no :'(

Madalako320 points
you just combined my image with the image from the comment with your paint skill...