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Intaminator110 points
Thanks for posting. Cheers.

john_faber107 points
The standards used Double Team!

Riderluk79 points
Wait, you're telling me there are hypocrites on the internet?!

hector378953 points
execep the mongols did conquer russia...

>mfw European date format

ivanprz46 points
I think its a repost

ivanprz42 points
dudeā€¦. this kind of things shouldn't be censored the world needs to know...

somer41 points ^moar of the same (in case anyone is interested)

daud_ici40 points
Love that Switzerland looks like a space invader ship...

thor12337 points
neither do you, you never use a fresh joke...

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Kehlian1 point
Let's agree on the fact that you should provide a link.

Tipan14001 point
the last one is the only photoshoped one there

KatMan3601 point
Sauce: Don't ask me how I got the sa...

Krekkov1 point
no, its a space marine in a shovel knight armor

cpt_please1 point
hon ftw :)

TheGray1 point
Well, alcohol turns into a lethal poison in your bloodstream. He is correct, act...

Krekkov1 point
Should have listed that america has no culture cus its a country of immigrants l...

Ah great, thanks. I had no idea this game had such a deep story. I should play t...

PoXujistas1 point
Almost. We might be in dept, but not to Germany ;)

KatMan3601 point