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free_hug15 points
Seriously guys, if your country elects Bernie, you'll be great again for real !

JohnHill12 points

pokematic8 points
Trump says "Buy an XBOX ONE with Kinect."

fapp7 points
oh look it's 2007

jakehauge6 points
If anyone's interested this is a commercial from LG's superthin television.

ShadoWalkeR5 points
This new one just came in! Space is really amazing!

MLaop5 points
this is retarded.

DizzNizz5 points
Too ignorant to even understand the diss.

KimJongSkill4 points
How are you cutting cardboard out of chuck norris? Is he just gonna let you cut ...

Rodario4 points
I didn't know his dad was black.

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notmyusername21 points
As a french I can confirm this translation is 100% legit certifié baguette

cbadef25 points
I will give you +1 Karma if you promise to never post this picture again.

Mudragal_49 points
Couldn`t find my original reply to the first time this was posted here, but recr...

helezon34 points
>they It's zim/zom/bazongo, privileged c*nt.

zGuy83 points