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Today's best comments
morbot22 points
very ad hoc Vlad, but not very funny

jh0mer20 points
And here we have the unfunny post out of its natural habitat: 9 gag.

FlaviusCretzu20 points
The 6 image is not from Romania .... this is from Romania

mickmurci17 points
and then there's germany

Kehlian15 points
ayy lmao

bunnypig13 points
Does it say bus?

cedric9 points
OP, you're a f*ggot:

deves9 points
first i thought it was something in the ocean but then i noticed that her hair w...

MyBalls8 points
Look a 9 gag watermark... again

is very pleased

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Petigun27 points
In the movies, Mike had his face alwways cover by something when he came in the ...

ShadoWalkeR31 points
Apple is a gay company.

maxmadman47 points
17 degrees.

Metalhead52 points
Yeah, because pushing Enter will have a "Err: Syntax" as you filled th...

Guteal38 points