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nineflames45 points
It comes from '' Nein is german German's started WW2 That's...

kidneystealer34 points
Where to start

SlimBrady26 points

tionblaze25 points
Eau de Liberté

SlimBrady21 points
funniest post i've seen in a while

Sekaso18 points

He_Abuse16 points
MRW you meant her face.

Fell for it again 10/10

Fitzpatrick14 points
>No vodka. >No squatting. >Not Russia in one picture. /inb4 greent...

Huller15 points

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ArchangelHex75 points

LijpoChris49 points
MFW there are more Wii Us sold than XONEs

Stalky125 points
>Try to rape a girl >When people show up claim you're gay >profit

mastikator42 points
Or 2014 is just not ogre yet.

Chikius63 points
Paramedics concluded that he has been deaded to the point of no return and will ...