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CaiNe21 points
gather around guys.. it's one of those classic old internet jokes

Dkminn17 points
when you know it's a repost

Kovalenko13 points
OP has autism for posting this

Mirkizos9 points

TransChicken9 points
You should stop thinking about the Titanic. It's a cold case.

No matter how many times they change it, still a proud boner

zGuy8 points
there's a terrible secret they don't want you to know: icebergs can't crack stee...

kazirk8 points
They all have little penises on their foreheads.

Reminds me of a greentext

nielsgeens7 points
Almost 75% of people in the US got murdered in 2006! Thanks obama!

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Niracuar68 points
Instructions not clear enough. Got my joke stuck in 2010

Mig_L29 points
There Is No Homework.

Jeffaffah37 points
Ok ok, I admit. Despite this shitty hype on the colour of a dress, this one is w...

Gh0sti21 points
Why would his father be disappointed? That's fucking awesome.