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Narim79 points
Still better than Apple maps I suppose

ivanprz75 points
Deliver it!!

TheDerpinator68 points
downvoted for retarded title

ezio_ponitore68 points
obviously black magic

too soon man, too soon

-_- That title tho...

InCell55 points

Chunk39 points
OP deserves them.



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hogggA971 point

Winkles1 point
Peruvian Scandinavian groovy ice-bender 4th wall breaker llama princess emperor?...


Winkles1 point
Is Dorkly, don't offend it

Nothing beats dipsh*tism.

kylmik0 points
...f*cking white reposters

Yea. pretty much every number pad in my country is this way around.

how do you know this information

MrSpoiler41 point
Dunno if this is 9fag or not...

Maghan1 point
It will always be too soon