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/b/ where neckbeards show their inner Shakespeare.

TehDarkrai23 points
>ears have felt weird, cheesesticks have been wanted

Its_Me16 points
I was actually going to think about what she said until I saw "same with ra...

You dare compare my great leader with this hipster?

johnprime14 points
Its not water ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

JamesT_T14 points
You break her heart, she breaks your soul. And every bone too ofc.

ganjapriest13 points

Joikare212 points
this was so fuckin unexpected, i love it

JohnDough12 points
Who the hell upvotes this steaming pile of crap

alsneezes11 points
this is a boring and generic theory

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Since the begining of fucking Hugelol most of the content was screencapped or ta...

Wullf30 points
i have not yet made up my mind whether it is supposed to be porn or not.

PisterBoboto28 points
Awesome OC Dude! You know all that hugelol users want is to see following posts ...

fostartaly95 points
>cybersquatting Also

Checkman4464 points
Ayyy lmao