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skylineGTR126 points

Skarok103 points

Skarok98 points
That fool got what he deserved

lukemacy75 points
Have you ever seen 2 girls trying to balance the same cup on their head? I don't...

HaganeMiku66 points

Fuvity64 points
Looks like the tables have turned, motherfucker!

johnm4jc65 points
virtual darwin award. fucktard..

Sasonow58 points
Cool but not really funny

Scattertom54 points
Somewhere, someone is just sitting there being like...

valerian53 points

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Laominos1 point
Shitty post + repost

link. now. also, that doesn't look like a 9 y/o


zebigboo2 points
can i have some sauce with that ?

no it's hugelol

thor1231 point

the seasaw did it

thor1231 point


does that mean he can see me naked?