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kekula25 points
Oh for fcks sake, that was one good chuckle

Brecko17 points
WTF did he expect ?

Creative_I_Be14 points
Yes, pizza delivery guys are selected for their talents

JohnDough13 points
I was honestly expecting at least some funny near the end

That's why i will simply keep download from skyrim nexus... free mods... more mo...

Someone give this man gold. He gave me the best chuckle in a long time! Even co...

bladespinner10 points
enum ToiletActions {  Shit = 0x2,  Piss = 0x1 } void announceGoingToToi...


Knakharses10 points
I am Foot!

GoldElite7 points
I usually see those coming. This anon sure is sneaky.

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kekula25 points
Oh for fcks sake, that was one good chuckle

Spierdalen33 points
das why piratebay is power and love

G4m3err0r33 points
this is evidence for fucking no sleep this night!!

yeargh42 points
please tell me that the french related title pun was intended

HeyYu55 points
Dude PC won with minesweeper, you don't need more examples.