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cr4nk150 points
Like this?

> reconvert to guard in guard house > fucking boring work in an uneventfu...

mastikator28 points
Hugelol DLC: Reposting.

VIadimirPutin22 points
Answer to that question is: Not Russia yet.

tiny_lol21 points
404 hours? filthy casual.

As4kura20 points

Atlas20 points
>be an ancient pure blood vampire >father is cruel but smart and requires...

haxxorsz18 points

Xoralm18 points
Who takes off shoes on the toilet?

alexandru001815 points
at least we know she swallows

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TerraN55 points
Yep, confirmed. 9gag = Hugelol.

Mogollongoh68 points
fuck your title, man

nonokraan9 points

zanck73 points
Looks like op is from texas

bombomongo56 points
I CANĀ“T EVEN I'M DYING OMG JESUS fucking tumblr users