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cr4nk130 points
The end ... xD

Icebear28 points
I call bullshit The car didn't catch on fire before exploding.

Horakoeri27 points
Facebook a family website... God those dumb people need to learn a lot...

xHawkyx27 points
I guess if she would give a fuck, nobody would want to take it

AlreadyTaken22 points
mfw the explosions start

[deleted]22 points

Raidenz8522 points

deves22 points
haha nice try but everybody knows switzerland isnt in europe


I am not RosettaStoned, but I hope that's what you want >It's around 0.00 ...

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procrasti8692 points
Calm your tits, guys, I don't think you know what a security question is. You ha...

Horakoeri6 points
There is. But you sould've installed it before fucking over your phone...

Battleman75 points

procrasti86240 points
Reading her name I think the "t" is silent

ItsDenn100 points
I don't see the point of this meme. Because Steve Jobs does exactly what god do...