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Pepsi22 points
Not all men are f*cking dogs. Some men are f*cking goats, too.

AssWizard11 points
WiingS is back

Bufu128 points

4TAKTER7 points
I actually like Kirby in the whole smash bros series. I mean he can fly, has a g...

sotie6 points
artist's name plox

Werri6 points
I like how nVidia pierces through heart

cbell68896 points
Read that as "How many penises can you swallow".

Takumi6 points
I understood nothing, not one thought this person tried to convey.

viniito5 points
no, I won't date a midget(if that's where the progression is going

entauri5 points
Shawn, I'm a little concerned.USAHD

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Niracuar27 points
"I go to 4chan i'm so edgy and cool"

omgroflrofl28 points
Boy you are wrong. Courts only grant custody to the father if the mother is prov...

erede00725 points
Intense plane dogfight

4TAKTER40 points

PEPE_MASTER43 points