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Today's best comments
Wooly_Rhino21 points
One pack should be enough for me

VIadimirPutin14 points
Can I not have my morning-swim in peace?

eddiesan512 points
what the fuck is this? period jokes? fuck me, im done

TripleAC12 points
Whoaa I haven't seen this post in a couple of months and then a year and then 2 ...

SoStar12 points

Peterz11 points
"So, how did your mother die?"

daviiid11 points


Diegoinyaface10 points
actually is funny

<---- This, I wouldn't say this

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MrLB57 points

LSF_Overdrive233 points
Is that a slut machine ?

therichrocco39 points
Very nice tree ... butt plug it so we can see the lights !

datass49 points
TFW Slovenian

Joikare285 points
I somehow get the feeling that you used that greentext for this gif only...