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Today's best comments
werthi28 points
What is this, some kind of joke??

KILLmeEATme19 points
Do it faggit.

DizzNizz18 points
At least one kid wasn't brainwashed into religion

bauzon0113 points
1 more inch and this would've been in hiddenlol!

mad0imam13 points
if it was quran there would be explosions in the background

Creative_I_Be11 points
Nah, she has a police-compatible skin colour.

cbadef10 points
And here, ladies and gentlemen, we can see an incredibly rare phenomenon of Neth...

Davereux9 points
Imagine all the possibilities

marian4o8 points
-Oh my God! They killed Sean Bean! -You b**tards!

Jmc19928 points
so this is what soviets also use to stop tje average american

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SandWitch64 points
Do what you must, I have already won.


Mecrio41 points
Are you seriously trying to bring Emma Watson into HL without her being naked? b...

DarkArchon63 points
Jimmy's status: [x] Rustled [ ] Unrustled

Raidenz8543 points