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Today's best comments
burningowl21 points
this got me

MLaop18 points
More like US cheese... Stop thinking the world eats shit just because you like e...

smickel16 points
that's not how it works... should be more like this : (hoes (bitches) tricks...

Niracuar16 points
Actually no. a+b+c+d (...) +x+y+z=351. A+t+t+i+t+u+d+e = 100. (100/351)*100=28,4...

coZma16 points
Op has the choice not to be a faggot and yet he is

maxmadman16 points
Our funny site. Their 9 faggory.

ygyygygyggre15 points
R+U+S+S+I+A = 140%

thebricks9 points

matikk119 points
blackadder has the best humor ever. fact

Takumi9 points

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Mig_L26 points
There Is No Homework.

Jeffaffah37 points
Ok ok, I admit. Despite this shitty hype on the colour of a dress, this one is w...

Gh0sti21 points
Why would his father be disappointed? That's fucking awesome.


semir32146 points
prevents consoles from overheating due to anti aliasing Kappa