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luke26691 points
strange that you always had sex on the 7th day of a month, also I don't know the...

luke26651 points
10 years old, already looks like a feminist

Orgasma43 points

Hazebuster34 points
there must be more to life...

alexjk30 points

Shawnart27 points
suure, I'm away from HL for a few days and Seitenbach's gold. outrageous. wha...

JuliiD26 points
Man i'd wish i had Andy's father :(

StonerStanley26 points
you're a terrorist harry...

nick_offerman26 points

AnzeG26 points
* Ctrl Bloody peasants

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i nominate myself to be a moderator for hugelol for the following reasons 1. i ...

hatman9131 point
We all know you're a troll, so get out, please

slimpurt1 point
Warcaft 3 cinematics, most of the WoW cinematics, SC2 cinematics, D3 cinematics,...

nope. too late. you're slower than me.

did you try to un-9fag a post? because you forgot the watermark.

JuliiD1 point
How can you tell if you can't see her ass in this picture?

ze_WtK1 point
frenchfag cowards FTW

Finally, something that makes sense!

nerdon2 points
That doesn't change physics.

Cheeserump1 point
it was a pressure cooker bomb