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HarmlessCreep138 points
Twins separated at birth, and then joined, and separated, joined, separated, joi...

AlreadyTaken110 points
Did you just

kane7370 points

BlueGaufre70 points
Heh, we know what your boobs look like

MariusUltimus68 points
when he wants to eat or drink, he has to put a lid on every extra hole. when sal...

Gongolongo59 points
Sad Murica is sad.

Radyto55 points
After seeing the title

AmazingHorse49 points
So many people were hurt in this video :'(

mastikator43 points
Just accept that you can't change the downvotes.

caparezza99940 points
At least the title doent say soccer

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rflstmpd1 point
He is even happier when he knows how his dad will use the baguette on him

testis testis one two three

why the dry joke?

bschany171 point
Beautiful View Ahead!

Gifmaster1 point
"If you don't buy these sunglasses, the terrorists win." cracked me up

and thats why you spoil more? Maybe somewhere in the world theres a dude who was...

icegapi1 point

Felinski1 point
I was referring to gamers. I said in the text that I was a gamer, how could you ...

MertK1 point
It'sa lottery.

MertK1 point