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hurdurhur49 points


Doggygygitty42 points
such a perfect cut, you're the man of my dreams Putin !

Huller40 points
use this

colmk31 points
Me too... I have never read such filth !!!

mastero8924 points
seems accurate

borntocomment23 points
And he would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

Fitzpatrick20 points
And then we'll be like

undeathkiller18 points
liters !

Well, at least Wiings used to post good content

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maplememe107 points
HAHAHAHAHAHA There is no hope left for humanity.

mfw you post a link to a rection gif

kidneystealer69 points
This is the general form of a fourier series. You can't solve this because there...

TerraN69 points
Yep, confirmed. 9gag = Hugelol.

Mogollongoh78 points
fuck your title, man