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cicero10130 points

Gh0sti20 points
I have a lifetime supply of condoms. I have no condoms.

SoStar17 points

alibaba331716 points
get this 9gag bullshit out of here

migi002715 points
Are you even trying?

snitch_puck9 points
wtf. How did this get to rising?

One step closer to gender equality, thank you Cate.

AD938 points
I once knew a girl who kept complaining because her boyfriend went out to see fo...

Riderluk8 points
I'm annoyed as fuck that so many people in here didn't get the joke.

hipsydipsy7 points
Of course, rated G for gangsta

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MrLB63 points

LSF_Overdrive241 points
Is that a slut machine ?

therichrocco39 points
Very nice tree ... butt plug it so we can see the lights !

datass49 points
TFW Slovenian