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Today's best comments
Forevercapone37 points
fuck you 9fag

uatadafac14 points
Retarded post -infinite from me

WasteofBreath13 points

MrPatinhazz12 points

pandameat9 points
1) Buy our shit in the departure lounge 2) We need to tether your charred corps...

osysel10 points
very vanilla, wow, much scent

herno928 points
i'd fuck that

MetalPsycho8 points
Monkey could'nt resist not eating it.

Ernstkare8 points it will prolly 4...

Colervs7 points
That's some fine shitposting.

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Jeffaffah33 points
Ok ok, I admit. Despite this shitty hype on the colour of a dress, this one is w...

Gh0sti20 points
Why would his father be disappointed? That's fucking awesome.


semir32144 points
prevents consoles from overheating due to anti aliasing Kappa

deves43 points
if they want to do that let them ill gladly high five them for doing what they t...