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BeatFuchs153 points

thild113 points
the bitch and the douche, a classic!

sevandb8695 points

zanck85 points
Red wine with that pie? Oh no you didn't

Moshi moshi erection desu

white people

lancastermk561 points
oh my god this is the toppest of keks

Bob_Bwaa61 points

HUGELOL60 points

ivanprz59 points
what the hell do you mean "if she was older"??

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Do you know how to use question marks.

CrazyTurk1 point

Weeeeeeeeeeeed bullshit. Just go to your local coffeeshor OH WAIT

Dongho1 point
now wait until the hl admin comments and he get all the upvotes

drfurry2 points

drfurry1 point
even hitler had a bitch. whats your excuse?

2pac1 point
Holy shit! Thanks

drfurry2 points
that is EXACTLY what i hear when people start talking about strains. i just know...

ejekrem1 point
Oh man, a nokia joke, no one has done that before