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colmk21 points
How dare you interrupt i_kappa's awesome posts with this nonsense

Bellyfloper15 points
Fun word of the day: genocide

Schorsch14 points

Ryomaru11 points
Dont worry if you are measured you will appear in only one of those places.

tablechair11 points
No cupcake 0/10

jusfly699 points
That physically hurt

cbadef8 points
salza por favor

CupCaker8 points

CupCaker7 points

Eleleu7 points
>"being Arabic" >wearing a Dastar/Sikh turban >mfw

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HarrisM51 points

AssWizard17 points do you mean ''too fat'', shes perfect

DizzNizz27 points
This is still irritating because it's not going all the way in. f*ck.

hawk500551 points
Why are you guys even trying. The bots are clearly made by the admins in order ...

Lucasuper43 points
No it doesn't.