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yayapdagrunt52 points

viniito26 points
Putin might be a ruthless hypocritical dictator, but he is charismatic as f*ck

dio234223 points

Gongolongo17 points
And both are doing the same sh!t with their holes.

Completely ignores the fundamental differences between men and women. The reason...

KILLmeEATme9 points
9gugiest truth ever spoken.

Rencore10 points
for me, the women on the left are more influential than the ones on the right

codyomick7 points
No, mary is a f*cking wh*re.

fyvyvyvyv6 points
so something from tumblr was written by a retarded retard!??!

Bumblecorn6 points
I'm worried that some of you guys actually think this is real.

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Bumblecorn24 points

Using greentext on facebook

PoXujistas17 points
Abortion can't be a cause of death. You need to be born to die.

DjCoco19 points
RIP Hugelol

daud_ici25 points
Probably because from every non-US perspective both parties are considered deepl...