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Today's best comments
kosobi20 points
The more embarrasing part is, that he is using internet explorer.

pehcao17 points
You say no words, I say DAT ASS.

razor2111 points
FINE pen*s, I'LL DO IT just f*cking chill

bladespinner9 points
*heavy breathing*

kosobi8 points
please gtfo with fag content to ****, thank you

kosobi8 points
Stupid b*tch, the guy really cared

nonotmepls8 points
when people use the wrong fist-face

lancastermk59 points
yeah yeah, build your house out of whatever you want. it wont matter to me

lukavas17 points
thats an improper translation it says winter close not winter is coming

coZma7 points

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kcela32 points

daud_ici28 points
You sexually identify as a predator? How strange, me too!

kit1234able30 points
nerds ways of f*cking with people.

AD9334 points
All of the people complaining about the watermark are idiots, not realizing this...

LSF_Overdrive50 points
I call this the "Snape Syndrome": you don't know who the real monster ...