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luke266111 points
strange that you always had sex on the 7th day of a month, also I don't know the...

AnzeG51 points
* Ctrl Bloody peasants

Shawnart32 points
suure, I'm away from HL for a few days and Seitenbach's gold. outrageous. wha...

Aces199531 points
His parents look like they've smoked more weed than Seth could in a century

ze_WtK31 points
>implying Dragonforce is hard >implying to know about metal

john_faber29 points
Sorry, but after reading the one about the guy in pirate costume who shot two mu...

nick_offerman28 points

Lalo1824 points
Im pretty sure I've seen this here before

Chernobyl24 points
So much bitching for a baby... not my business

Airbourne9223 points
he said blow me

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LufL951 point

mergzaa1 point
how ironic, quite a lot of jokes i see here...i have seen before on 9gag.

Giomike1 point
where is the funny part here? pls explain i don't understand 9gag genre memes

Matrix0 points

Quote981 point
the funny thing is the i only searched what you wrote on google images

vlatzblaze3 points
well for methanol poisoning (ch3-oh which is a alcohol) the antidote is actually...

vigor7671 point
"godless heathen" laughed my ass off

EL_CID1 point
also known as the reddit effect

rflstmpd1 point
Giving up when you see your mid/carry is russian, just dota thingz

TBBT1 point