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Today's best comments
LijpoChris45 points
MFW there are more Wii Us sold than XONEs

Bonesiel30 points

DizzNizz25 points
When I say Re you say post! Re

Rikasu20 points
deletes pc blames son for installing games

mastikator15 points
MFW I see this

Killbot13 points
mfw you reach front with 60 upvotes

Cmarobnjak12 points
This is atleastisubmit. He does not shitpost because of your ethnicity, your sex...

hondzik11 points
holy shit,that icon brings some memories

Erlkonig11 points
sauce? Kappa

Drakonator11 points
"Remember those 4 hot girls we saw at the bar yesterday? Well, they told me...

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LijpoChris45 points
MFW there are more Wii Us sold than XONEs

Stalky123 points
>Try to rape a girl >When people show up claim you're gay >profit

mastikator41 points
Or 2014 is just not ogre yet.

Chikius63 points
Paramedics concluded that he has been deaded to the point of no return and will ...

LordBelakor118 points
She is doing you a favor, freeing you of your peasantry and giving you the oppor...