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TripleAC112 points
Ok this is just awesome. That incredibly confused look on her face is so worth i...

McZuko84 points
Hey dude, umm, nice post but I can't seem to find the funny in it and your title...

skylineGTR78 points

shadowdude76 points
befor i read the text i that it was bieber

mangochatney70 points
I'm not sure what to do. Dislike it for the post or like it for the title ?

zebigboo69 points
how can global warming be real if al gore isn't real ?

She's a lot manlier, though

ClintEastwood57 points

Skarok53 points

HaganeMiku51 points

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"If it's almost sport, we got it here!"

Unkonwn1 point
*football master race!

Anneleen1 point
his mouth must be dry as fuck

complaXx1 point
listening to daft punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and seeing this.... w...

mat22071 point
Nope , those are real, you can check Season 1 , Chapter 66, Min: 11:37

the smile on zoeys face says it all

drfurry1 point

"not in my wedding bitch"

Laominos1 point
Man, this post is so funny and original. I couldn't stop laughing. 10/10

Drakonator1 point
It's a star trek movie, the borg timetravel to Earth and the enterprise follows ...