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Raidenz8527 points
This fag doesnt know the difference between slovakia and slovenia. Anyway top k...


datass13 points
TFW Slovenian. Also the headmaster hanged himself a few weeks after.

MLaop9 points
lel, signing your own name on a quote from fight club... some people have no clu...

MandraM9 points

Gh0sti8 points
Why would his father be disappointed? That's fucking awesome.

kit1234able8 points

great job killing the punchline with that title

lancastermk57 points

Jeffaffah7 points
Are my eyes deceiving me, or do I spot a cameltoe on the left girl?

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semir32140 points
prevents consoles from overheating due to anti aliasing Kappa

deves43 points
if they want to do that let them ill gladly high five them for doing what they t...

TheUndying45 points
This is so true

Fuckin' 24 y/o?! Damn son