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Today's best comments
kit1234able19 points
I rate it 9/11

Unavailable15 points
I understand and agree with you man. but this shit isn't funny! fuck you

jfjfdu38713 points
snu snu not sex u pig

sotie12 points
who dafuq is dat?

NothingToDo12 points
omfg,it's wiings again 80% of HL left and that f*cker is still here

trolden11 points
Then she get arrested for driving

mo655511 points
ahead of me by an hour :/

lancastermk510 points

BigFatGuy29 points
bro I think you might be happier with a gaming-themed twitter account or somethi...

Good day my young aviators! If you're wondering who that is and hoping that you ...

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Latest Gold Winners: Comments
Niracuar38 points
9gag? DansGame

kekula34 points
Oh for fcks sake, that was one good chuckle

Spierdalen34 points
das why piratebay is power and love

G4m3err0r34 points
this is evidence for fucking no sleep this night!!

yeargh43 points
please tell me that the french related title pun was intended