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spygaget1021 points
windows 9/11

PaperSite16 points
Master Yi has seen some sh*t

snitch_puck16 points
wtf. How did this get to rising?

LSF_Overdrive12 points
One step closer to gender equality, thank you Cate.

TheRaepTrain13 points
You people don't get this. This is symbolic to taking down the goverment of the ...

Hashishi11 points
sh*t, I'm starting to get dad humor. I'm 19 and I see no prob in 50% of these

Pedronator11 points
how did that sh*t get 84 likes??????

FalconIT9 points
"just posted this"... 3 days earlier. Bot, do you even calendar?

AD939 points
I once knew a girl who kept complaining because her boyfriend went out to see fo...


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PatatoValdez59 points

MrLB63 points

LSF_Overdrive244 points
Is that a slut machine ?

therichrocco39 points
Very nice tree ... butt plug it so we can see the lights !

datass49 points
TFW Slovenian