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Sauron27 points
All his add-ons enable him to log in to the matrix.

mangel_kek22 points
He uses them to help him locate that 4chan hacker.

This is genuinely the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen on this website.

Diegoinyaface19 points
no like because of title...

Raidenz8518 points

badonkadonk7818 points

Rodario14 points
They gave him a bigger screen, so he could fit all them useful addons.

mad0imam11 points
and the Darwin award goes to...

Anouchavan11 points
It all happens in one episode, this is no easter egg of any kind

Rodario9 points
Also, Internet Explorer.

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Raidenz8537 points

Jokked40 points
that was cruel as f*ck : /

Ahriman77 points
I think it's not electromagnetism but gravitational force.

The ones that wear hats and the ones that don't.

marx3438 points
You just dont f*ck with peoples feelings like that dude