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BatterCop79 points
Actually this is very accurate. With Metric system you can actually go to space,...

Gotta love bible logic!

anonymous0335 points
this is not over Embarasser Man, Skinny Legs Man will be back for his revenge

nonokraan33 points

genius31 points
Moar awesome OC

mag3p00ns9230 points
Give your mom another son

bimb29 points
"If God isn't real, why are bananas shaped perfectly for human hands?"...

evan_sas_chow26 points
And this is why the human race is full of retards.

AightBit25 points
The reaction is priceless.

Arnoud24 points
Ash looks kinda chubby

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RedSnappah79 points

Rabenaas68 points
Dat Title.

airoes96121 points
if he didn't like to be treated that way,he shouldn't have dressed like that....

RedSnappah57 points

Trainer_Red15 points
I mean not all of us have fancy video editing software or a toaster advanced eno...