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Sexhavin17 points
His neck is taller than the north tower.

Tara_10 points

viniito8 points
The best football game in history. Yes, FOOTBALL

Aces19958 points
By now I think anyone with half a brain can see that Republicans want to give yo...

Supertomski8 points
Captain here: A murder is the name for a flock of crows. *Flies away*


DARK7 points
man, i truly miss the old hugelol :(

hah, that actually made me laugh. to bad it's a bot that is OP.

daud_ici6 points
Wait a second, Trump is NOT a comedian?

daud_ici5 points
When your boss tells you to add something the last moment.

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Forthesrs80 points
Terrible font makes it difficult to read :|

Tomasdav36 points
Is that some cheap parody for poland balls?

tunga28 points
but where is the fun?

hellonewman46 points
That's a Volkswagen, isn't it?

kidneystealer21 points
Sir David Attenborough is a legend