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derspiegel153 points
gr8 b8 m8

KinkyKangaroo135 points
mfw I'm waiting for the gandalfes

HarmlessCreep98 points
Twins separated at birth, and then joined, and separated, joined, separated, joi...

AlreadyTaken92 points
Did you just

burningowl62 points
Idiocracy basically America in 10 years

hogggA9756 points
oh an unexpected twist, just like i expected, worth the read

mastikator55 points
Oh I get it, they're brothers because they're both black!

flimflam53 points
heard that skin is only available on the beta server

Takalisky51 points

GoMustard46 points
Did you know: Uncle Sam = U. SAM = U. S. A. M. = United States of America's Mili...

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pyrowyrm1 point
no biggie, mantises are nice bugs.

mastikator1 point
Nobody's gonna comment on how this person is naked and has no genitalia?

The repost is real

You forgot to add the "Wasted"

Joshcob231 point
Sauce sorry if late XD

nagynorbie1 point
Awwwww, so cute. Here, have my downvote.

GoMustard1 point

Zephariel2 points
your ambitions wont work with this one.... you want to the front page... maybe o...

I like this.

Romanspike1 point
Haha classic! And the first time i saw a giant I was all like "BRING IT ON,...