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devilz12336 points
ooo, he dead !

Oh yeah because only an elite know about ctrl+z.

Joikare215 points
10/10 would pop

what the f*ck is this

cbadef11 points

FearFactory11 points
All of my wats....

jacksepticeye11 points
Post is a fag Title is a fag Thus, we conclude OP is a fag

iswedishcarl8 points
Gotta go blast

atlasss7 points

Gottenborg6 points
It looks more like black man beats cop

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exaltedliquid65 points
I dont think growing hair is hard, kinda happens naturally for me.

HugelolBatMan51 points
"luckiest boy alive" "every single one of his classmates is de...

mechevara52 points
Isis was not a virgin. Horus was not born on december 25. There is no record of ...

Petigun28 points
In the movies, Mike had his face alwways cover by something when he came in the ...

ShadoWalkeR36 points
Apple is a gay company.