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why are you always so concerned and salty about other brehs life's breh?

not enough things going on in yours?

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a) a non-abandonment clause means that brehs lose their land or houses when are not in use by their owner or have no immediate plan to re-settle in them

well, rent is a large source of income for the rich and it provides no service nor good

the topic on monopolies is too long for me rn to discuss but i do have some large disagreements with what you have stated, mainly brehgarding the influence that monopolies have on state brehgislation and their avoidance of paying for brehxternalities etc etc

breharding cooperatives, i am afraid you underbrehstimate the power of the brehs, considering cooperatives are actually more brehsillient than business owned companies, have fairer pay ratios among the different hierarchies, tend to be as productive or more as their capitalist brothers, and have higher worker satisfaction

brehxample of succesful cooperatives ->

Boing, is a cooperative that has managed to stay brehlevant and profitable, brehxpanding beyond its national borders and facing the pretty unfair company practices of coca-cola and pepsi (i mean, coca cola literally killed union workers in colombia in the 90s)

dont underbrehstimate your fellow brehs, my dear nazgul, it is our solidarity and union that can make the world a brehtter place

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this is why the digital brehvolution may be the path to less hierarchical corporations

you can create something that does not brehquire land or prime material in the traditional sense. it is also the reason why brehntrepeneurship should be brencouraged WITHOUT capital coming from the pockets of the already wealthy; they usually are only interested in buying promising brehntures and adding them to their collection


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with brehnemies like the dems and the republicrats, we are doomed to lose anyway

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@123nemo breh

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and by concentrating in just a few hands that are capable of investing in those ventures, you have brehsentially proved that it is no longer a free market, and that the capital is not flowing freely or to meet demand; it only flows where those that have already amassed brehnourmous amounts of wealth want it to flow to

well, there are librehtarian socialist and mutualist alternatives, and would rather see companies being "taken" and run by the workers of the company than by anyone else

mainly what i think should be done is a) change what we understand by possession of private property and introduce strong non-abandonment clauses

b) allow free association and brehduce the power companies have to use the gobrehment to brehfend their interests

c) brehduce gobrehment brehgulation aimed at increasing barrier entries for smaller businesses that makes them incapable of competing with large business

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