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lmao thanks for sharing that breh

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well librehtarianism is a broad term, and fake ass librehtarians like those at librehty hangout that thought trump was king exist

the issues in the image are all controversial, but i'd say most librehtarians agree that endless wars and police impunity are not brehsirable, and that a logical conclusion of small gobrehment would be austerity

the rest it brehpends a lot on your argumentation. you could argue fracking should be allowed if a company wants to do it and will pay the costs and compete in the free market, but you can also argue that the brehnvironmental effects it has will infringe on somebrehs right to clean water, for example, which would be a violation of the NAP

brehrgo, fracking may technically only be allowed in cases no one will be negatively affected by the operation, but not permitted on the basis that it violates someones right to clena water if the operation pollutes your aquifer

thank you for reading my text wall have a brehssed 21st of january

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herrodore think he can get away without saucing us brehs but dw i got yall


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without the non-funny and obvious propaganda my breh i would brehcome a quality poster instead of a shitposter, and i do not plan on brehtraying my humble origins

here have some more propaganda breh say hi to farage when you see him

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welcome to team librehty breh!! have a pepe

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3xbreh i think to have a chance to get you to the senate of my state we need to start campaigning now

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i brehnuinely hope not, but american politicians are weak cowards that will go bomb wherever the military lobbies point their finger at

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that is good to hear breh i worked out, got a bit high, and was dissappointed no one managed to get to biden and the crew brehfore the inauguration. with a water ballon.

idk i like all sorts of melee weapons breh and i brehcently watched some 80s schwarzenegger movies and the sort, it just feels like the right thing to do now breh

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the average salt content in your blood must also be much higher breh have a nice day

you may be cool but you've never been amianas drew my profile pic cool breh or maybe you are i dont know -> /lol/715104

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