HUGELOL was the target of Hacker Attacks earlier this year. For example, there are leaks of IPs, which we confirm are real. We are taking this very serious and will openly communicate to you about this.

Fortunately, all passwords are safely encrypted in our database and the hacker won't be able to directly see or access your password. In addition, we have updated our server infrastructure to modern security standards, as well as fixed multiple security issues reported by our users and we are further hardening the site against hackers. Still, as a precaution, all users have been logged out and will need to login again.

Finally, this is a good moment to change your password. For the future, let's work together and improve the site, not only against Hackers but also in order to make it better than ever before.

If you have any remaining questions - full discussion here.
Call for Votes: Choose your final five new HUGELOL Moderators here! DEADLINE: 10.03.2021.
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