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Have a nice day.

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At he least he lost enough braincells to think it wasn't too bad after all. Good for you.

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I find it weird how people willingly step onto a board on friggin' wheels, go down a steep road and act surprised when they bash their thick skulls sooner or later.

Like breh, what did you expect?

And don't get me started on roller skaters...

Ghosts... Ghosts on wings!?

What about friggin' shoes... Shoes on wheels!?

Wear a helmet, geez.

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Come to terms with it? Sounds like that wasn't your original goal nor true desire...

What stops you from not being alone?

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"To subvert."

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He does come with drugs. The best one of all...


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My bro, calm down, get a grip and don't lower yourself to the level of soulless golddiggers in the name of "equality"... There is no such thing and there never will be. Accepting that is the first step in improving reality.

You'll never have a big tiddy suger momma GF that uses you as a ***boi and leaves you be to do whatever you want. It's not a goal a true man would even desire... Much less would anyone even respect such a man, if one could even call that a man, more of a boy really. Have some pride, it'll suit you more than a warped wish ever could.

No matter how soft the big milky milky honk honk haba haba milky slut milk tiddies are.

Wait... What was I talking about again? Huge milkers, right?


Milky milky sucky sucky honk honk milky milky milkers.

Be a man of selfworth and decency... And the right milky milky honkers will come to you eventually.

There are as many whorish thots as there are pathetic simps.
He who seeks a proper GF will find a proper GF.

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Impossible!? You're telling us that you're dating someone of the long lost female species. They're but a myth!

And not only that but one who is a fan of vehicles of warfare too!? That can't be.

You're delusional! My poor fellow... Take him away boys!

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Tiktok is made for pedos.
I feel an urge to purge.