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Damn, didn't even notice it.

Now that's some "Stonetoss Burgers?" type shit, considering some bloke on the team actually decided someone needed to put time and effort into changing a poster that was already perfectly fine.

What the heck?

I smell wokies.

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Somehow, someone on the team decided to put effort into changing the poster.


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I might be wrong about some stuff here, it has been a long time since I last read about this stuff.

Arming citizens (your own or of the other nation) in order to make them fight your enemy is a warcrime since you're deploying non-combatants into a war.
You need to make them official conscripts with uniforms etc, serving under a military official first. This way it is easier to "surrender" when need be or to take responsibility for certain actions and planning.

You are not allowed to simply drop weapons somewhere and expect citizens to take matters into their own hands and form a resistance, though this did happen a lot.

The reason why it is illegal for nations to arm citizens to fight their enemies is due to forcing the enemy host to retaliate against said citizens.

The reasons are similar to why it is illegal to wear the enemy uniform in order to fool the enemy. Or use enemy flags as your own etc.

Doing so would only lead to serious chaos in the long run.

The concept of warcrimes and the consensus on what is and what is not, is to keep war as "clean" as possible.

A bullet kills a person in a "clean and swift" way, preventing needless suffering.
A flamethrower is... Well... Not a good way to go.

Believe it or not, terrible as war is, there are many stages, ranging from manageable and "clean" to a horrible outright disastrous shitstorm of a f*ckfest where warcrimes lead to more serious warcrimes.

Like comparing the "clean" France invasion early World War 2 to whatever hell the final stages of the Ostfront theatre were.

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She would.

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No, the (((elves))) were the once who promoted letting kobolds and goblins in.

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A mythical creature.

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Spongebob and Patrick dealing with the ex-GF*

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Apparantly so.