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As previously stated inoculation just for starters, agricultural systems, batteries, techniques to stop the spread of deserts, I mean that's just off the top of my head things that they had before the rest of the world. Man multiple civilization in Africa were hella powerful, your just some salty racist schmuck and its not even hard to tell you don't know squat about history other than some simplistic pipe dream, so please just go back to bed.

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Will it be Racist Orange? or Touchy Grandpa?
Find out later this year!

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The Partition of Africa wasn't even 200 years ago, and political instability has been constant since before that due to external intervention in all impoverished zones. Also you're talking about the ENTIRE continent of Africa all those people are not a single unit. Egypt, South Africa,Tunisia, Congo, Ethiopia, etc are part of a singular experience of history. "Advancement" (as you put it) isn't linear.

So Its the most ridiculous and most ignorant part of what you've said.

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"Thousands of years"

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You have no idea what this means to me. My sister and I watched this movie when we were kids. About 7 years ago we remembered that shit and we were trying to find it in our parents old stuff. We couldn't find the old tape. We kept searching online every once in a while but never came up with anything. You just helped me solve a family nostalgia mystery.

The vhs tape also came with a really odd story of a prince turned into a crane with great artwork.

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well I mean, it was an African slave who saved Boston from smallpox by teaching inoculation... but maybe they should have tried the British method of blowing vapours up the rear end, cutting edge shit right there

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no its cause the argument that colonization improved things ignores the fact that advances can be made without the need of genocide.

Defense for colonization is kinda like thinking your mom being raped wasn't a bad thing cause thats how you were born.

It's the story of your life And the end of it's your death And every word that's in between Is just a waste of breath

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