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I give this meme the Diogenes seal of approval.
This meme can now be thrown in front of the Academy to mock Plato

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thank you very much for the kind words

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its not easy, I've worked with people with violence in their past, but they normally recognize it. If you friend does not recognize his aggression, leave him. Find way to help her

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I meant in the sense that he was a prankster and hot headed, but he seemed to learn from that. then this came along. We thought he'd at least have the balls to recognize what he had done.

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its been shit, a lot of women friends that aren't that close to the issue ask me about it and are giving a lot of scrutiny as to how much sympathy is being expressed. Ive already broken ties with the dude cause he seems to refuse accepting the issues with as much as an apology. This happened years ago but is only know being revealed. Both people live in different countries, and shed been through therapy, so she came to terms with it.

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happened years ago, both people live in different countries, apparently she moved away in part because of this and had therapy for years. We were hopping the guy was gonna assume the issue and apologize cause he seemed to have matured from bad tendencies of his youth, but naw

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yeah, not really close, but some people knew in secrecy.

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added a comment above

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Dude I was once close with raped a girl. Its been hard confronting the situation. But I've discarded him from my life.

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Had a rough week fellow memers.

It's the story of your life And the end of it's your death And every word that's in between Is just a waste of breath
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