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its a re

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thats a typicall wednesday mah dudes

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true and agreed, i'd only add that since he apologized and let them know about the jokes then it was fine to hire him. To fire him afterwards is just Disneys attempt at being moral, when in fact its kind of shitty to condem someone whos already stated that they regret a past action (that they themselves admitted). Disney is waaay full of shit.

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Lisa goes Gaga marks the definitive death in my opinion. I honestly have no idea what the *** that episode was about, it was complete shit.

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I would argue that Disney failed in morality by firing Gunn considering Gunn had told them all about the issues and spologized for them. What point is there in punishing someone who is concious (and regrets) what they did and admits it honestly.

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He was kicked out for incredibly lewd humor. But yeah, he apologized for it before being hired and he even let Disney know about all his shit before being on Guardians... so it was pretty shitty of them to fire him for something he acknowledged and apologized for in advance

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well sheit

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The new Elder Scrolls looks promising

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its because the earth is closer to the Hole and its being compressed as its being eaten

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in that case thats fine

It's the story of your life And the end of it's your death And every word that's in between Is just a waste of breath
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